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Senior Jack Russell euthanized by Worcester vet by mistake: Owner devastated

Nicholas Murphy had to go home and bury his dog Gunner who was euthanized by mistake.
Nicholas Murphy had to go home and bury his dog Gunner who was euthanized by mistake.
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A 14-year-old Jack Russell was given a fatal injection by mistake at a Worcester veterinarian office instead of being treated for a persistent cough reported BBCNewsbeat. Nicholas Murphy, the dog's owner, is devastated.

When Murphy brought his much loved dog, Gunner back to the vet, he thought the dog was going to be given a different medication to help cure his coughing spells. The staff told Murphy they would prepare an injection for Gunner.

The incident happened at DJB Denny, and Murphy had no idea that the injection given was a lethal cocktail to euthanize the dog until the vet asked if he wanted to bury his dog at home.

Reliving the tragic ordeal, Murphy stated the vet asked him if he had enough, Murphy said he thought the vet was referring to Gunner's cough.

"He never asked us anything about the injection, he just put the needle in Gunner. There was no consent form, and no permission. He admitted he was wrong to me and said he was very sorry," stated Murphy who was given a cavalier reply "that mistakes do happen."

The veterinarian David Denny apologized. According to uknewsday, Dr. Denny stated he was told by the receptionist the family wanted to euthanize their dog:

"It was a very old dog, but the whole thing was a genuine mistake and I have apologised."

Murphy intends to send a formal complaint to the the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Rest in peace Gunner.

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