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Senior-Friendly Recreation Centers in the Denver Area

You could go to virtually any gym in the Denver area and probably do just fine. However, there are some places that cater to your age group more than others. For example, they might have machines that are low-impact, ones that are a little gentler and ones that specifically monitor your blood pressure and other vitals.

You might also feel much more comfortable while exercising around those in your own age bracket. You can even take a class in yoga, tai chi or aerobics designed specifically for seniors. It's all about safety, what you can rationally do over the age of 55, and making fitness fun instead of a chore.

Here are some programs located in some Denver area recreation centers that are designed for and helpful to the seniors in our community.

Foothills Park & Recreation District

Foothills Park and Recreation District [] has some great senior fitness programs, and they are located on Ward street in Littleton. They have the “Active Options” program, as well as the “Silver Sneakers” program, which provides you with a pass for gym discounts and information on classes and events just for seniors, or ones that would be perfect for those over the age of 50. There are also clubs that you could join for the social and mental health, as well as fitness experience. There are plenty of things here to keep you busy!

Apex Park and Recreation District

Apex Park and Recreation District is located on West 72nd Avenue in Arvada, and it would be a great place to bring your whole family if you want to make exercising a family event. Seniors are offered a discount on all activities throughout the year, as well as a discount if you'd like the help of a personal trainer for a while to help you get started, or to keep assisting you along your fitness journey.

Highland South Park

Highland South Park is located on West 35th Avenue in Wheat Ridge is a beautiful outdoor place for some easy exercising, designed especially for seniors. There are flat, easy to walk trails and plenty of shade so you won't get overheated to too sore during the warmer months, when you would much rather be outside than inside of a gym.

Motion on Main Street

Located on West Main Street in Littleton, this studio has pilates specialty classes, yoga and somatic movement and tai chi. The specialty programs are for those who have medical conditions such as scoliosis and chronic fatigue, and programs designed for those who have suffered a stroke and are on their way to bouncing back.

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