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Senior dogs left alone after guardian loses cancer battle

Elderly dogs in need of a home
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Update 8/24/14: Adopted!!

Two dogs in Belle Harbor, N.Y., are living inside of the only home that they have ever known, but the person that they adored is gone. Recently, the dogs lost their beloved guardian when she died after a short battle with an aggressive cancer.

Last night, Sloane Quealy-Miner, an independent rescuer in the area, went to meet the dogs; she described the encounter:

I walked into the house to meet the dogs and was overcome with emotion just knowing that they were in the only home they have ever known and are about to lose it. Everything is as if the woman is still alive except she isn't there. I kept thinking of her looking down and begging me to keep her babies safe.

She commented on the dogs' deceased guardian:

By the time the woman went to the doctor and found out she had cancer she was so far gone. She only lived a few weeks.

The woman has had both dogs since they were tiny puppies. She loved them so much.

Right now, the 11-year-old dogs are still in their home, being cared for by a kind neighbor who visits them three times a day - unfortunately, the dogs must be out of the house by month's end.

The dogs, named "Boris," and "Natasha," need a new family to care for them. Both dogs are house-trained, walk well on a leash and are even cat friendly. Boris and Natasha are healthy and up-to-date on their shots.

Please take a moment to network on behalf of these dogs - they have lost their person and are in need of a helping hand. Anyone with questions or who is interested in adopting the dogs can email: or call 917-648-9808.

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