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Senior dogs Kada and Peace find love in all the right places after 13 months

After 13 months in a sanctuary, two senior Ridgeback closely bonded dogs have found their perfect retirement home with David Newhem and his partner Ian Blake Newhem. Welcome home girls.
David Newhem

Kada and Peace have been adopted; a fairy tale for two 12-year-old senior dogs who have been together all their lives and had lived the charmed life; that is until their devoted human died in February 2013. Tragically, not one relative stepped up for them, and shortly thereafter, the two sisters wound up in a Rockland County shelter; so bonded the dogs had to be kept in one small run area because they were miserable when separated.

Placing two senior dogs weighing in at 90 pounds each would be a monumental task; much less, the dogs had no experience with young children and needed to be the only pets in the home.

And so the "shares" began on social media, hoping that the perfect family would come along to love and cherish two Ridgeback mixed breed dogs; ever so gentle and affectionate, and not able to be separated.

Their temporary home at The Canine Sanctuary in Veils Gate, N.Y. never gave up. Volunteers would visit; the dogs just loved to cuddle, loved to play and loved to receive their treats. Thousands of "shares" continued on social media.

Now the two sleep side by side in plush comfort with their two new humans, Dave Newhem and his partner Ian Blake Newhem. On April 1, Kada and Peace went home.

"The Universe led us to them. Maybe the ghost of our Max... (their former dog who died), stated Dave. "I missed having our dog Max plop his head in my lap while we watch television. Now we have two."

View Kada as she peacefully naps.

Share the lives of Kada and Peace on their own Facebook page by clicking here.

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