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Senior dog withdrawn and scared after owner's death seeks patient family

Senior pup withdrawn and sad after owner's death seeks patient, loving home
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Imagine if all you ever knew was the love of one devoted person - and then suddenly, you were left all alone in the world. Pup was once a beloved family member, but after her person passed away, she became very withdrawn and frightened.

Tipping the scales at only four pounds, Pup is a tiny creature - but she has a very big heart. She's seeking a person who will have an equally big, understanding heart to patiently help her learn what it means to be loved once again.

This 14-year-old Fox Terrier is looking for a person in Seattle who's willing to take it very slow with her. She'll need someone who can be patient and give her time and space to learn how to relax - and how to regain her confidence once again.

Kat, a volunteer who is working with Pup, stated: "Pup was adopted, but the adopter didn't pay attention when we told her that Pup was not a cuddly, lap dog but needed her space. The adopter tried to make her a lap dog and it didn't work out. Pup never bit/nipped me but might have if I wasn't always alert and respective of her space."

Pup will bite or nip if she becomes startled or feels threatened and those who have worked with her believe that her vision and hearing are impaired, which causes her to startle more easily. Pup also doesn't like to be picked up, despite her tiny size, and doesn't want to be held at this time. She'll need a home that will take it very slow with her.

Kat added: "When I first got her, I picked her up in a blanket (swaddled) and progressed to leather gloves (as a 'just in case' measure, but she never bit them). By the time she was adopted, I was comfortable picking her up without gloves, but only when she was ready and expecting to be picked up."

If you're a "cat person" who wants a dog, Pup is the one for you! This smart senior gal knows what she wants when she wants it - and she'll let you know.

What would Pup ask for if she could talk? She'd like a home with no or few stairs and a fence yard where she can go to the bathroom or just hang out. She'd be fine with a pack of smaller dogs or cats who don't expect her to play, who respect her space and don't jump on her, and who can help show her the ropes of the home. If her new home had a heated floor or a warm dog bed where she could hang out, she'd positively be in heaven. And if you have experience with terriers or similar personality breeds, that would be a benefit, as well.

Are you interested in adopting Pup? If so, submit a Dog Adoption Application to Seattle Animal Shelter. Download the application here.

For more information, you can contact the shelter at (206) 386 4294 with animal ID# 14- 18201. Pup is currently in foster care while she waits to find her forever family.

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