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Senior dogs surrendered because owners claim they required too much attention

On June 21, an eight-year-old German shepherd (mix?) found himself behind bars at the City of Irving Animal Services facility in Texas after he was surrendered by his family.

Bishop and Chloe
Paws for Irving FB Page
via Paws for Irving Animals

According to notes on the Facebook page, Paws for Irving Animals, the dog, named "Bishop," was surrendered because his prior owners felt that he "required too much attention." The same owners also surrendered a six-year-old German shepherd named "Chloe" for the same reason.

The following information is posted about Bishop on the Paws for Irving Animals page.

NAME: Bishop
ANIMAL ID: 23046227
SEX: male
EST. AGE: 8 years
EST. WEIGHT: 80 lbs
ADDITIONAL INFO: owner surrender..."needs too much attention"

Today these beautiful dogs are in need of a new family - one where their need for attention will be embraced, rather than shunned.

Volunteer comments for Chloe:

She came in as a bonded pair with Bishop. The onsite volunteer said "she had no problem with me touching her or walking her from the car. She does seem to stay behind Bishop. They were so sad after being left but, did good with shots and their banana milkshake. Walked back to stray with no problem." So she sounds calm and she is obviously beautiful...she has not yet been HW tested (that doesn't happen until adoption tag) and we are unaware of any health issues at this point.

Please take a moment to share Bishop and Chloe's information - at this point in time, they are relying on the kindness of strangers who are willing to take a moment to network their information.

Find this dog's Facebook thread at this link and here.

Any questions or inquiries should be directed to the facility at 972-721-2256 or 972-721-2257, or via email at or

For any inquiries or offers to adopt or rescue, please reference Bishop's identification number 23046227, and Chloe's identification number 23046304.

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