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Senior dog, surrendered because owner is sick, has until noon on Friday

Senior dog on death row
Senior dog on death row
Urgent Death Row Dogs FB page

Update 8/22/14: Safe! Rescued by Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc.

A 13-year-old Cocker spaniel named "Gigi," recently lost her home when her owner became sick and could no longer care for her.

Today, the dog who was surrendered to the New York Animal Care and Control in Manhattan on August 17, is on death fact, she has until noon on Friday, August 22, to be saved. Gigi is so close to being put down that her Petharbor profile has already been removed.

On August 19, the following behavior notes were made on behalf of this elderly dog:

Gigi walks calmly on leash. She was sociable toward the handler during the assessment - soft body, wagging tail. She was calm and relaxed during handling. Gigi had a low body position during the tag test, but followed the assessor at the end of the leash. She was not interested in food, toys or rawhide. Gigi was relaxed when approaching a friendly dog, but was not playful. Gigi was surrender to us. According to her owner she gets along with stranger and children also he described her as old and lazy dog.

The facility added:

During the assessment she was very friendly and loved to be close to the assessor. Gigi did not show any concern during the behavior assessment. The behavior department feels that she can go to an Experience no child home.

Gigi is out of time and she needs the help of strangers if she is ever to walk out of this facility alive. Please take a moment to network the following information for Gigi.

  • Facebook thread for Gigi here
  • ID number A1010875
  • To adopt this animal through the public adoption site, please go to the following link and scroll down tot he bottom to log in and reserve the dog. There will be a $50 deposit required.
  • Individuals who are near this facility can email for instructions on adoption or fostering
  • You can call (212) 788-4000 for automated instructions.

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