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Senior dog rescued from freeway, now in danger at animal control


Update 7/9/14: Marlo is safe! The good Samaritan who saved Marlo from being killed on the freeway emailed the following to the National Dog News Examiner on Wednesday:

Marlo is on her way to her new home in San Diego with Myra. Myra contacted me yesterday. Myra was only interested in adopting Marlo, not fostering. Myra had a Keeshound for years - that was a rescue. Her dog passed last year, and she has been searching for the right dog to rescue. She saw the article written about Marlo and wanted her.(Thank you Ingrid) She went to the shelter today - and pulled Marlo. (The rescue put her down as the puller). I told her the entire story about Marlo. It takes a village and this would not have happened without both of you.

A 10-year-old dog was taken to the San Clemente - Dana Point Animal Services Facility in Calif., after she was rescued from a busy freeway by a good Samaritan.

The dog, named "Marlo," recognized a kind soul when she saw one and readily jumped into the car belonging to the woman who stopped to help. The good Samaritan described what happened on June 25:

As I was driving by freeway on- ramp, I noticed a dog walking up the on-ramp to the freeway. I instinctively made a u-turn, stopped my car on the side of the road, opened my back passenger door and got on my knees. She continued to walk up the on-ramp. I waved a white towel and called her over. She turned around, trotted back down the ramp, and jumped in the back of my car.

After being rescued, Marlo was treated to a car ride, a trip to a fast food restaurant for burgers and a stop at a veterinary clinic to search for a microchip. The vet clinic located a chip - the information indicated that Marlo has been adopted from a San Diego shelter in October 2013 to a "Joe Smith." No other information for the dog's owner was found.

The woman who saved Marlo from being killed by a fast moving car was unable to keep her so she transported the dog to the animal control facility, hoping that the owner would come looking for his dog.

Unfortunately, nobody came and the stress of being at the animal control facility made Marlo react in terror; she has now been labeled as "rescue only" because of her extreme fear.

Marlo's stray hold time has expired and she is now in danger. The woman who tried to help Marlo is trying to help again - she wrote:

If you know of a foster or anyone that can help - I will transport and pay for her care and boarding.

Marlo's Petharbor link is here (ID#A030042). Anyone who is willing to foster for a reputable rescue agency is asked to email:

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