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Senior dog burned to death in scalding hot spring

Dog died after jumping into scalding geothermal pool of water
Dog died after jumping into scalding geothermal pool of water
KTVB News Screen shot

A senior dog who was looking to cool off in a pool of water in the Table Rock area outside of Boise, Idaho, wound up being fatally burned on Sunday, reported Tuesday's KTVB News 7.

Jasper, a 13-year-old border collie mix, had been enjoying an outing with his guardian on an off-leash hiking trail just prior to the tragic incident. The senior dog ran to what appeared to be a cool pool of water and dove in. Unfortunately, the water was far from cool - the pool of water was actually a geothermal hot spring which registered a scalding 170 degrees.

Jasper howled in pain as soon as he hit the water and suffered third-degree burns over his body; within minutes of being removed from the scalding water, the senior dog died in his owner's arms.

Jaime Hansen, a friend of Jasper's owner told KTVB News:

He had dove in, and (it was) assumed that he probably drank some, and his paws were blistered and his belly,"

Following Jasper's death, changes are being put in place to prevent a similar tragedy. Today, signs, along with orange barrier fencing, are now in place to warn those in the area that the water is dangerously hot.

Warm Springs Water District Chairman Patrick Frischmuth acknowledged the water district's culpability:

It's the water that came from our district, so how can I say that it's not our responsibility,"

Construction in the area resulted in pumps, which normally kept the water below ground, being shut off; water pooled over the course of several days and got deep enough to claim Jasper's life.

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