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Senior couple married 65 years contribute to newly released anthology

65 Years and Still in Love!
65 Years and Still in Love!
Photo courtesy of MJR Publications, LLC

Richard and Kathryn Ashley of Anne Arundel County share memories of their loved ones in the anthology, Loving Hearts Live Forever.

My nephew who is getting married in August asked Richard, "How did you meet Grandma?"

Richard gave him a mischievous grin. "I had to break a leg to meet her."

Richard was not referring to the best wishes statement often heard backstage at a theater, he literally did break his leg.

In the story For Love and Country, this examiner shares how her parents met during World War II and fell in love. Today marks their sixty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Kathryn lives in a nursing home and Richard lives with his daughter Brenda.

What happens to a marriage during the 'Golden Years' when it is necessary for someone to live in a different environment from their spouse?

Examiner: Richard, the last few years have had an extra strain on your marriage. How long has it been that your wife has lived in the nursing home?

Richard: Twenty-six months.

Examiner: Can you tell us some of the challenges the two of you face to spend time together?

Richard: Bumming rides to get back and forth to the nursing home. My wife likes Wendy's frosty and it's difficult for me to always ask the driver to stop and let me get her one.

What keeps a loving relationship strong through the years?

Examiner: Kathryn, what is the most endearing quality you've seen in your husband over the last few years?

Kathryn: He's always been easy to get along with and has always been helpful, even when we were home together. We miss each other since we live apart.

Examiner: Kathryn, what advice would you give newly engaged couples?

Kathryn: Try to get along and don't argue.

Both Richard and Kathryn have parents and siblings who have gone to be with the Lord.

Examiner: Both of you contributed to the book, Loving Hearts Live Forever. What words of comfort can you share for someone who recently had a friend or family member pass away?

Kathryn: Think about them and how you always love them.

Richard: If you're a Christian, you will see them again.


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