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Senior cats left behind

Senior cats end up in shelters for a variety of reasons –

  • The death of their owner and there is no one to take them in.
  • The death of their owner and the remaining family member doesn’t want the cat.
  • Behavior issues such as litter box problems, aggression or senility.
  • Health issues.
  • And sometimes people just don’t want their cat now that it is no longer young and spry.

This is sadly the harsh reality for older cats that are given up by their families. One day life is safe and secure and filled with love and the next it is all gone.

These cats face many challenges upon entering an animal care facility. They are sad and confused because they have lost their human and their home – in many cases the only person they have known their entire lives.

They don’t understand where they are or why they are there. Their first days or weeks involve living in a cage, something many of them have never experienced. They are exposed to unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds that cause them extra anxiety.

While some adjust in time, just as many become depressed and listless and do not thrive.

The majority of these cats have many more years of life to live and have a lot of love to give. Many rescue organizations have foster programs to help place these cats in homes. Living in a home will help them regain their confidence and trust and help them to blossom into calm and loving cats once again.

As a foster parent, if you open your heart and home to a senior cat, you will not only be helping to save their lives, you will be rewarded with an enormous feeling of fulfillment as you watch them get back to being affectionate and loving cats.

If you are interested in fostering a cat, the following organizations have cat foster programs:

Furry Foster

Helen Woodward

PAWS of Coronado - The Friendliest Paws in San Diego County

San Diego Humane Society

The Rescue House

Won’t you please consider giving an abandoned senior cat another chance at life? Contact one of these organizations today.

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