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Senior cat who swam onto houseboat has been waiting to be adopted for 289 days

Cat who swam onto houseboat has been waiting 289 days to be adopted
Cat who swam onto houseboat has been waiting 289 days to be adopted
Purrfect Pals / Facebook

How often do you hear about a cat swimming up from out of nowhere - right onto a houseboat? That's exactly what Luna Lovegood did in October 2013 - and the sweet senior cat has been waiting to find a family ever since.

Luna arrived at a shelter last autumn after she swam onto a couple's houseboat in Portage Bay. The astounded couple didn't know how Luna got into the water - or just how long she'd been motoring around their home. Fortunately for Luna, their home offered a safe landing point, but finding her original home proved to be more difficult. After attempts to locate her family were unsuccessful, the couple brought Luna to a shelter to help her find a home. Shortly afterward, Luna came to Purrfect Pals, which specializes in helping cats who may have a harder time finding an adoptive home, including senior cats and cats with increased care needs.

When she first arrived at Purrfect Pals, Luna needed medical attention for hyperthyroidism. Now that she's healthy, she's ready to find a forever home.

Luna's adventuring days are behind her - she will need a home where she's kept safely indoors. Luna is a very nice kitty who loves attention and sitting in laps. She's picky about the cats she likes to hang out with, but a calmer, older cat would probably suit her just fine.

This little survivor hopes that you'll take a chance on her. Who knows what adventures she's had, but she hopes that the greatest adventure of her life - a loving family - will happen for her soon.

Through September, cats like Luna who are aged 7 or over will have adoption fees 50% off. To learn more about Purrfect Pals, visit their website here.

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