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Senior blind and hearing diminished pooch deserves loving retirement

Black Bart is blind with diminished hearing, but he is healthy and is considered to be a senior.
Black Bart is blind with diminished hearing, but he is healthy and is considered to be a senior.
Menifee County Animal Shelter

When Animal Control found Black Bart in Frenchburg, Ky., the senior German shepherd and Chow Chow mixed breed had been horribly neglected. The blind and hearing diminished dog was so terrified and so weak from dehydration he could not stand.

The defenseless dog was abandoned and mercilessly left tied to a tree behind a vacant house. Once a day, a neighbor told authorities, his owner would come around and throw some food on the ground for Bart, but rarely checked if the dog even had water.

Is there anything sadder than the life of a neglected, backyard, chained dog?

Black Bart was lucky though; he was tenderly brought back to health by the Menifee County Animal Shelter, and is listed as rescue friendly, very adoptable, and transportation can easily be arranged for a new home in the northeast if needed.

On May 30, Bart was placed on the euthanasia list; no one has come to adopt him. Volunteers have been contacting rescues and pledging funds to help with Bart's care, and have been able to get an extension on Bart's last day.

Facts about Black Bart EUTH ALERT!

Breed: Shepherd (Unknown Type)/Chow Chow Mix
Color: Black
Age: Senior
Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Sex: Male
ID#: 6895550

A Facebook thread continues to help this innocent dog find a home where he will finally know some love and comfort. Please click here to follow Bart's desperate plight.

A volunteer writes about Bart's disabilities stating:

"Dogs whether visually or hearing impaired or both, go on living full lives in safe and secure homes. After a while, they and you forget that there is an issue. I know such a dog, and he is a sheer joy! Blind & deaf dogs adapt amazingly well, do enjoy and do have a great quality of life and are the same characters, the same loving dogs, if not more so, as their sighted and hearing peers. This sweet pup will be no different!!! Bart does have some hearing."

Following is the contact information for Bart:

Menifee County Animal Shelter
381 Little League Lane
PO Box 75,
Frenchburg, KY 40316
Phone: 606-768-9368

Please share Bart's story with your friends, family, and coworkers. Sharing saves lives, and this dog deserves a wonderful life.

For another senior dog in desperate need of rescue, please read Neglected senior pooch in Gastonia giving up on life after being tossed away. Several rescues have shown interest in this dog, although no dog is considered safe until they are out of the building.

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