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Senior black Labrador rejected by family after his owner died: Needs rescue

Please help Barney find a safe place. He has been at the shelter too long.
Friends of Franklin County Animal Shelter NC

Barney sits and waits for his lifelong owner to come and find him at the Franklin County Animal Shelter in Louisburg, North Carolina. The ten-year-old dog was brought to the shelter a month ago, after his owner was hospitalized. All Barney has left is a collar with his name on it. A volunteer writes:

"Can anyone please help Barney? He got there mid July and has been overlooked since. His owners were hospitalized and sadly we received word the owner has passed away. With no one coming for him, he is very URGENT! The shelter has kept him long past what many would do. Some wonderful volunteers have been caring for his fur and giving him antibiotics as he had a little infection."

Barney is now feeling fine and is ready to be adopted. Unfortunately being ten years old and black don't work in his favor. It is recommended that the most ideal situation for Barney would be as an only dog or for other dogs to be introduced into his life slowly. He was not well socialized as a youngster and spent a lot of his time outdoors all alone. Barney deserves a comfortable retirement, don't you think?

Another volunteer met Barney and simply stated,

"I met him…he is very sweet."

Follow Barney's desperate plea on Facebook to find a safe place to curl up and retire by clicking here.

Please share Barney's story with your friends, family and coworkers. It only takes a moment to pass his story onto someone else, and it only takes one person to make that amazing connection we so proudly refer to as rescue.

Franklin County Animal Shelter is located at 351 T. Kemp Road in Louisburg, North Carolina. Please call 919.496.3032. Please reference 14-1312/7-2-0291 when inquiring about Barney.

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