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Sending your baby off to college

Shop early and often getting your child ready for college.
Shop early and often getting your child ready for college.
Drew Stoneburner

The first time that any mother has to send one of her babies away is certainly the hardest of all. All of the firsts are hard to swallow. Take for instance the first time you have to send your baby off to college – now that is dilemma that can be made easier by using some of Shira Stein’s organizational tips and suggestions.

Shira actually compiled the list for mothers of youngsters, but when taken into the proper account, they work full well with older kids, too! Let’s take a look:

o School Supply Shopping – Don’t put off shopping until the last minute. With back-to-school sales beginning in mid-July, tardy shoppers have a tough time locating needed supplies among September's Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations. And once you are at it, make sure to shop well! Come prepared with what your son or daughter will need for their respective living arrangements (dorm room, apartment or house). Buy what they need based on space and what others in the same situation will be providing. Shop early to get the best selection and sales!

o ​School Clothes – August is the second biggest sales month for clothing retailers. Yet the back-to-school sales begin as early as July which is good because some colleges want kids to move in at the beginning to middle of August to get their feet wet before classes begin. Why not get a head start with your children’s back-to-school wardrobe while the stores are relatively calm. You will find the sizes you need and the styles that your children like, minus the headache.

o Organize closets and drawers - This may not be your definition of summer fun, but you will be well on your way to avoiding hassled school mornings. Go through your child's clothes and get rid of anything he or she does not wear any longer. It'll be so much easier to choose outfits if there is less of a clutter. Do a thorough cleaning of the bedroom and prepare them and yourself with the fact that the room will remain empty until they return for breaks and summer vacation. Get it as neat as possible – especially if they will be taking some of their furniture with them.

o Uniforms – If your child plays sports or is a cheerleader, the school will most likely take care of most of this for you, but make certain that you and your child have filled out all of the needed paperwork to ensure an easy transition.

o School / Sports Physicals – If your teens will be freshman in college or are playing sports, they will need to get a check-up before school starts. Schedule your appointment early so you don’t get caught in the last minute rush, especially if your child needs immunizations (which they assuredly will their freshman year!).

o Instruments – If your child plans to participate in band or orchestra, check out the local music store early for the best variety of instruments and supplies. Some schools (ie: The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina) will even provide instruments for band members, but they will have to practice with their instruments daily.

o Snacks – If you are planning to send snacks for your kids, make sure you check out the cheapest and easiest methods to send snacks. Everyone loves to receive care packages – just try to make is as easy and the least expensive on your budget, too.

o Bus and Train Routes – If your son or daughter will be a freshman in college, they will most likely live in a dorm on campus (unless they are going to local college or the college does not provide dorms). Since most of the colleges and universities do not let them have an automobile on campus their first year, help them check out the local bus and train routes. Knowing ahead of time helps keep nerves down!

o Class Schedule – As soon as possible, make certain that your son or daughter picks up, opens or prints their class schedule. This will help to determine book cost and supply needs before the big day occurs. It also helps if they are on campus early to determine which buildings their classes will be located in!

These are but a few suggestions Parenting Expert Shira Stein, Head MomRep at PishPoshBaby, has to offer. With these helpful tips and suggestions in mind, knowing your family will now be successful in the transition, go ahead and enjoy the rest of your summer-time fun. Having college kids home is short lived, so don’t miss out!

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