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Sending a Fax from the Mac


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Tired of your All-in-One printers yet?

Your Mac could very well send faxes and cut down on the extra costs of supplies while saving a few trees in the process!

Apple began producing internal modems for their desktop computer in 1984, and introduce modems to the portable in 1989.  As times changed, the need for speed increased and apple eventually dropped production on their internal modems.  This posed a problem for consumers who wanted the latest machines but still wanted to keep the easy faxing capabilities of their older machine.  In 2005, Apple introduced the external Apple USB Modem.  If you happen to own one of the older model Apple computers, you will not need to purchase the Apple USB Modem, just proceed to the instructions below and you will be faxing from your Mac in no time.  If you have the later released Apple computers, you can purchase a Apple USB Modem from or Daystar Technology.

Now that you have gaining an Apple USB Modem out of the way, you won't have to bother with any more of those dedicated fax machines or all-in-one printer, scanners, copiers, and fax machines.  There will be no need to spend endless amounts of money to pay for the paper fed to your fax machine.  Your business can be more efficient and helping the environment at the same time.

Send a Fax With Your Mac

1. Open the document you want to fax.

2. Choose File --> Print.

3. Click the PDF button and choose Fax PDF from the pop-up menu.

4. In the To field, type the fax number of the person to whom you want to send the fax, including 1 and the area code.  (If you need to access an outside line, add a dialing prefix such as 9 in the appropriate box.

5. In the Modem box, select Internet Modem (or whatever) as the means for dispatching your fax.

6. If you want a cover page, select the Use Cover Page option and type a subject line and brief message.

7. If you click the pop-up menu that says Fax Cover Page, you can choose other options to schedule the delivery of your fax or alter the layout.

8. To review the fax before sending it, click the Preview button.

9. Click the Fax button.  (That awful sound is great evidence that everything is working as it should)

Receiving a Fax With Your Mac

Make sure there is an open phone line and your Mac is not in sleep mode, this will prevent the fax from coming in.

1. From System Preferences, choose Print & Fax and then click the Faxing tab.

2. Select the Receive Faxes on This Computer option.

3. Type your fax number in the box.

4. Designate the number of rings before the fax is answered.  Make sure that the computer picks up before an answering machine connected to the same phone line.

5. Choose how you want the incoming fax to be treated:

 • Save the fax as a PDF file in the Shared Faxes folder that Apple suggests, or save it to another folder

 • Send the fax to a specific email address

• Automatically print the fax

You can accept an incoming fax even if you haven't bothered to set up the system to receive faxes automatically. Go to System Preferences, choose Print & Fax, and click Faxing. Select the Show Fax Status in Menu Bar option.  When the phone rings, choose Answer Now from the Fax Status icon in the Menu Bar.


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