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Send Your Valentine's Message With Sweets From Eli's Cheesecake Of Chicago

Eli's Cheesecake's
Eli's Cheesecake's

Whether you're shipping across the street or across the country...your BF, BFF, kid in college, mother or mother-in-law will love Eli's Cheesecake's delicious Valentine's Day cheesecakes, cookies and even a DIY cheesecake (decorate it yourself- online) that will surely get your message across.

Start the conversation with Eli's Valentine's Day DIY custom cake: choose a flavor of cheesecake, your fav decorations and toppings and top the whole thing off with a romantic personalized message written in chocolate! ($60 plus shipping).

Or order a pre-designed Valentine's Day cheesecake: Original Plain Cheesecake decorated with red and white chocolate shards, chocolate sprinkles, raspberry gelee and topped with your custom Valentine's Day message, written in chocolate. ($39 plus shipping).

A box of intensely rich mini Belgian chocolate cheesecake hearts dusted with imported cocoa is guaranteed to make your valentine swoon (one dozen, $35 plus shipping). Other mail order desserts include: heart-shaped white chocolate raspberry cheesecake (7", $30 plus shipping) or a big red tin of chocolate-dipped macaroons decorated with a sprinkling of red and pink hearts (13 cookies, $21 plus shipping).

To order: or call 1-800-eli-cake. Order by February 12th 11am CT for standard delivery or February 13th, 11am CT, for expedited (Feb. 14th) delivery. Local delivery (Chicago and suburbs only): $25 city, $35 suburbs. Call 773-308-7000.