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Send the children home to safer countries.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Marcos Breton had a finely crafted article in the Bee on Wednesday. He made several fine points regarding illegal immigration, the realities of current immigration law, and the realities of the kids swarming our Southwestern border.
Yes, these are scared and desperate kids, not deliberate invaders. There I agree totally with Mr. Breton. And their processing is determined by law dating back to the Bush Administration. Again, The Grumpy Libertarian grumpily agrees. He says we shouldn’t be blaming Obama. And here I disagree significantly with this fine writer.
A man who used pot and cocaine regularly in his youth has failed to end the war on drugs. This, like so many of the man’s failings, reflects his total inability to do anything brave. The near-failed countries-of-origin for these youngsters are anaethema to peaceful lives specifically because of the “war on drugs.”
Black markets fund the cartels, the murderous Salvatruchas, the quasi-marxist undergrounds in the south, and the criminal conspiracy masquerading as a socialism in Venezuela. We learned recently, through a former bodyguard’s testimony, that they fueled and are fueling Castro’s own criminal funding channels.
The only decent thing to do for the afflicted to our south, not just in Central America, but in Mexico itself, is to legalize everything immediately. Not “legalize and regulate and tax” but legalize all of the miserable pharmacopeia. Relegate the whole mess to medical treatment and counseling. Yank the financial rug out from under the entire darkside of the continent. Perform the Judo throw of all time, and destroy the funding for the forces that are driving children and their mothers to flee in fear for their lives. Drain the lifeblood from the societal vampires that batten now on America’s self destructive passion to control everything. There are other sources of funds for the neer-do-wells; trafficking for labor and sex slavery, the actual transport of children and others in the “coyote” trade, but none of those holds a candle to the searing conflagration of the drug black markets.
Of course we can interdict and deport and patrol, and we should do those things, and stop coddling illegals with drivers’ licenses and de facto amnesty. But none of that will do any real good if we fail to end the war on drugs.
The opposition to this is multi-headed. There are the prosecutorial and cop shops, the incarceration industry/unions, and the sanctimonious religious. Not, mind you, that they are alone in resisting legalization. The criminal pustulences flourishing on our self-righteous anti-drug obsession are first and foremost against legalizations.
For once the Grumpy Libertarian finds simple grumpiness totally inadequate. He is purely enraged at the cowardice of our state legislature, of our sad excuse for a president, and at all the badge-wearing cover-their-tails supposed protectors sucking up our tax money while they put huge percentages of our people in cages.

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