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Send a message to Washington about our 'political environment,' an editorial

He sends me letters asking for responses every week.  I say we should give him what he wants.
He sends me letters asking for responses every week. I say we should give him what he wants.
Stephen V. Geddes

We have, or are about to get, according to the major media, 60,000 (+/-) kids from south of the border and, apparently, we don't know what do with them. This is just a suggestion. Instead of listening to the Republicans and Democrats blame each other for a failure to come up with comprehensive immigration reform, why don't we do something about what caused the problem. Inactivity on the parts of the Republicans and the Democrats make them a major part of the problem themselves. Take a quote from some patter off of an old 'Limelighters' (I think) album (and with thanks to E. Y. Harburg for the initial part of the quote,) that quote being about a veteran who is having problems getting his due (in the '60's, at that,) 'You're paid to stop a bullet, 'tis the soldier's job, they say; and so you stop a bullet, and then they stop your pay.... Should I send a letter to my Congressman? Dear Friend: A Congressman has two ends--a thinking end and a sitting end. And since his whole success depends upon his seat, why bother, Friend?'

Since most of us feel something needs to be done about Washington, D.C.'s lack of accomplishment, we all seem to have the problem of feeling the trouble lies with the Legislative branch, or the Executive branch, or, in some case, even the Judicial branch-- but (and that's the big problem) not with Our Guy, or Our Party. It's always the other guy. Now who is really responsible for the gridlock? We are.

So, what can we do? All we can do, other than march on Washington, is to write our representatives (with apologizes to the Limelighters.) But--this cannot be a maybe now, maybe later letter writing: it must be a coordinated thing. Let's take time to make a real impact. August 1 OK? Say OK, and so, craft your letter, or better yet, your email, to send on August 1.

And, having prepared the work, send it via the various web sites listed below to your appointed Representative, your Senators, to the President, and to the Supreme Court web sites. Whether you agree with me or not (if everyone agreed with me, I would be superfluous,) contact Washington on August 1. Maybe if we shut down enough servers up there, someone will get the idea we are tired of them all doing their various dances while the business of the country is not accomplished. My way or the highway does not work in a representative democracy. Deliberative discussions leading to united actions are what is needed.

In any case, please send this message to as many of your friends as you dare to see if we can get this thing done.

As to the kids coming across the Rio Grande, how about this for a suggestion:

No money to those south of the border politicians to do what they should have been doing all along. No money to send the kids back. No money to the states on the borders to handle the problem their way. No money to help those addicts who are "only hurting themselves" and in so doing fund countless gangs south of the border that provide them with their drugs and control politicians in their countries to boot. No money for anything other than one grand repatriation project that will take ten years to accomplish, and may cost little more than funds currently being requested.

Repatriation will require money to set up a detainment area for the children. Maybe there is an abandoned military base available that could be recommissioned. Maybe Area 51 (what good is it to America as is?) Who knows--there is a place, a place that can be used long term for a project to correct the problem. Maybe there is a military base scheduled for closure that could be closed immediately and turned around to be our central american childrens' training facility. This would be ideal as personnel could already be in place for use as needed.

Money will be required to hire bilingual instructors to teach the children the essentials of democracy, English, Spanish, the histories of the western hemisphere and their respective countries, and military subjects applicable from small unit tactics to strategies applicable at the Brigade level. Funds will be needed to staff this city of 100,000 along with homes for the children to house and feed them. Once the facility is put in place (and the kids themselves can help do the needed work,) these kids will be trained to become several formidable military units that can be reinserted into their respective countries. (Well, I guess we will have to have funds to send them back after all.) Once there, they can decide which to take on first: the drug gangs that were the danger that resulted in them being sent, alone, to the United States, or the politicians who allowed the conditions that gave no protection to them and to their parents.

In ten years, the eight year olds will be eighteen, a good age to begin a military career. The eighteen year olds will be twenty-eight--old enough to lead and get the job done. A few older expatriates will become the upper managers of these forces. If the countries from which these people are being sent cannot or will not protect their own people, The children will be trained in how to do the job themselves. And once they get the jobs done, perhaps these banana republics can morph into true democracies--with a little help from their unwanted children and America, their unwilling, if necessary, friend.

Now, that's my suggestion. Costly? Yes, but maybe it would work. One thing's for sure: It's as good as anything the current administration (or the 'loyal' opposition) is likely to come up with. In any case, it's a point of departure. Send it to the addresses below (or send your own suggestions--how much more off-the-wall might they be?) And send those suggestions on August 1. I'm confident the Republicans and Democrats won't come up with anything more reasonable before then, if ever.

To email the Supreme Court

To find and contact your Senators

To find and contact your Congressman

To contact Speaker of the House John Boehner

To contact the President

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