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Senators Question Dr. Oz over Weight Loss Products

A photo of Dr. Oz

Television popular physician Dr. Mehmet Oz promotes healthy living in front of millions of people. Oz was criticized by the Senate today over his claims that certain weight loss products can be miracles. He apologized for using colorful language to promote diet solutions.

In 2012, Dr. Oz said on his show that the green coffee bean extract was a magic for every body type, it was the number one miracle in a bottle to burn fat and it was a simple solution to bust body fat for good.

After Oz promoted the coffee bean on the show, a Florida based operation began marketing a product called Pure Green Coffee with claims the product could help people lose 17 pounds and 16 percent body fat in 22 weeks. The company featured footage from the Dr. Oz show to sell its supplement.

"What's come to my attention is that there's actually an inherent use of content from my show by these fraudsters, so in fact unwillingly I've been helping them by using flowery language," said Oz.

Some companies have used Oz likeness when promoting certain products and he has never agreed to endorse anything.

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