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Senator wants Google Glass banned while driving in Wyo.

A senator is sponsoring a bill to ban wearing Google Glass while driving.
Photo by Craig Barritt

A state senator from Wyoming is moving toward getting Google Glass banned from use while people are operating a vehicle. According to the Casper Star-Tribune on Jan. 8, Sen. Floyd Esquibel said he was on board to sponsor the bill after he had read articles about Glass.

“From what I’ve read, they are little computers, but it seems like watching someplace other than the road when you’re driving isn’t good,” Esquibel said.

Though Glass is only available to the select group of “Explorers,” Esquibel says that the sooner consequences and concerns are addressed, the better. Essentially, laws often follow several years behind after technology, and law-making becomes a process of playing catch-up after something has gone wrong.

Wyoming already has a statute that would prohibit a driver of a motor vehicle from seeing any installed television-style equipment. Wyoming is following four other states that have passed bills to ban driving while wearing Google Glass.

Already, a woman has been arrested for wearing the device while driving in Los Angeles. The officer pulled her over for speeding and then issued a second citation for wearing the device while driving.

The new bill being sponsored by Esquibel would hold the same fine for texting and driving, which is $75.

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