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Senator Shaheen where are you? Still no real town halls scheduled.

Today Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire release a new video looking for Senator Shaheen. Apparently Shaheen said she'd be posting a weekly schedule but that wasn't the case when they went to her office. Her website now has a schedule online however she's only meeting with specific groups and private companies or organizations. Shaheen has not held a real town hall since before the Obamacare roll out in October. Since then thousands of Granite Staters have lost their health plans, doctors and hospitals but they haven't had the chance to discuss this with the person who made it happen - Senator Shaheen.

Senator Shaheen is missing

Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:

"Senator Shaheen has been hiding from New Hampshire residents for years. Like Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) and Rep. Annie Kuster (NH-02), our state's senior senator is more concerned about avoiding tough questions regarding her ongoing support for a failing Obamacare than her duty to meet with her constituents and effectively represent their values in Washington.

"We are not surprised that Senator Shaheen would continue hiding from New Hampshire residents by refusing to release her public schedule for the week and then trickling out public events for today and tomorrow after pressure from us and the media. We are getting used to that. However, we are very disappointed that her office would lie about it and rush to blunt the criticism she knew she would get from us after visiting her office this morning. Sadly, like the 'Lie of the Year' she told her constituents, that if they liked their health insurance they could keep it, her office is continuing that trend with false truths about her public schedule. Regardless of our many varying positions on the important issues, Granite Staters want a U.S. Senator who is honest and forthright. Regrettably, what we have in Senator Shaheen is another Washington politician who hides and lies to those she has sworn an oath to represent."

Shaheen is supposed to represent the people of New Hampshire which means holding town halls and being held accountable for legislation she has passed that directly effects each citizen. To continue to ignore Granite Staters is not only unprofessional but it shows that she chooses to remain out-of-touch with the people who voted her into office. Shaheen has plenty of time to fly off to millionaire fundraisers in California but she has no time to meet with the families who are suffering under Obamacare? Maybe she'd even hear some stories from people who like Obamacare. She'll never know because she refuses to hole a real town hall. Senator Shaheen's constituents deserve to know where she is and be able to discuss her votes in person.

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