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Senator Shaheen at work for NH: Asks NFL to change the name of WA Redskins

Shaheen has forgotten about NH constituents
Shaheen has forgotten about NH constituents
Photo by Zimbio

Yesterday Senate Democrats sent one of the most ridiculous letters ever to the NFL. They requested that the NFL force the Washington Redskins to change their team name. With all of the pressing issues that are happening across the country, Senator Shaheen thought this was one that even deserved attention? She won’t even spend time in New Hampshire speaking with her constituents but she wasted time on a letter to the NFL?

Jobs and the economy are the two most important issues for Granite Staters. Shaheen has done nothing to enable either to be better. 47% of unemployed have completely given up looking for work under Democrat rule yet Senate Democrats sit on jobs bills passed in a bi-partisan way in the House. 62% of those surveyed by the UNH Survey Center in April believe the country is on the wrong track. Yet while people are suffering, Shaheen wasted time writing letters to the NFL.

With all of the outrageous scandals going on under the Obama Administration: Benghazi, the IRS (for which Shaheen also wrote a letter), Fast and Furious and the deplorable treatment of Veterans by VA hospitals, you would think Shaheen would have her hands full. Apparently not. Granite Staters have lost their insurance plans, doctors and hospitals thanks to Shaheen’s vote for Obamacare yet she refuses to hold town halls to talk with them. While Shaheen twiddles away at useless letters to the NFL, her constituents desperately seek answers from her and continue to be ignored. Shaheen was sent to Washington D.C. to represent New Hampshire, something she seems to have forgotten along the way.