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Senator McCain's shrill response to Russian siege

Senator McCain probably represents the feelings of many Americans and allies who are watching Russians slow crawl their way into the Ukraine. Clearly, the takeover is well orchestrated and pretty sophisticated in the face of the EU, US, and NATO doing no more than imposing sanctions. Many Europeans are reluctant even to do that because the result with be negative on their economies too. The reason for that is that Europeans have grown dependent upon Russia for natural gas, and in the case of Britain, bankers in London enjoy doing business with Russian aristocats. Underlying all of this is that the Ukrainians appear so inept at standing up a government and directing its national defense and police to protect the nation’s integrity and sovereignty.

Knock it off
Photo by The White House/Getty Images

The Ukraine’s own weakness is not unlike the weakness of Syrian rebels, for instance. When the opposing forces don’t appear to offer citizens much alternative, what are the western outsiders to do? Senator McCain wants the Obama administration to arm Ukrainians with small arms. What is the sense of that when Russians are armed with tanks and modern weapons? A larger question is why aren’t the Ukrainians equipped with their own weapons already? Maybe they already are. That is why McCain sounds so shrill.

Looking at the CIA World Factbook for an assessment of the Ukraine military and it is paltry, void of essential facts. According to USA Today it is poorly equipped.

“Ukraine's military is in such disarray after Russia's recent taking of Crimea that it will need help from NATO and outside forces to reorganize and defend the country, analysts and military experts say.”

Fox News reported McCain’s remarks.

“"We ought to at least, for God's sake, give them some light weapons with which to defend themselves," he told CBS' "Face the Nation.”

In the final analysis at this moment, President Obama ought to keep talking with Vladimir Putin, reminding him about how angry everyone will be for his wrecking the global economic recovery.

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