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Senator Humphrey House in Orland Pk. IL - Edward Shanahan readings new location

Senator John Humphrey House in Orland PK, IL
Senator John Humphrey House in Orland PK, IL
Edward Shanahan - Chicago Medium, Chicago Paranormal Host.

by Edward Shanahan.

Starting Saturday August 16th, I will be changing the address for doing entertaining Psychic Readings in the Chicago land area to a location that is a historic site in Orland Pk, IL. Senator John Humphrey House at 9830 W 144th Pl, Orland Park, IL.

The change of the location is fantastic for a few reasons. Starting with the privacy provided for the individual being read. The location is in the area of other historic sites. The Humphrey House has it's own antiques and after a reading, the individual can have a few minutes to view the first floor. Before or after an individual's reading, they can enjoy right down the street, a block of the antique stores. Also all the restaurants in the area including a popular Irish restaurant and a pizza and Italian restaurant. Plus let's not forget the Humphrey Family of Spirits in the house.

What is also special, is the fact with the readings being held here, it will be assisting the historical society. I have been involved with the Orland Pk Historical Society for over six years now. That includes Providing paranormal events, as a Speaker and assisting in huge open houses as it is a location that has never disappointed those who attended.

Senator John Humphrey House will be a treat for those attending to have readings done there. Information soon about Spiritual Communication Workshops and more in the near future.

Many individuals have had the very special experience with my Spirit Communication with their loved ones in the past at another location. There I would use my abilities of Spirit Communication and even at times combining it with my Circle of Energy for those attending, so that they could attempt communication with their loved ones as never done before.

Many tears of happiness where shed on those special nights that I was able to provide the Spirit Communications. I am happy to be the one that was and is still providing this for individuals when no one else is doing it the way I do and have been doing it for years.

I will be providing this experience again for the general public. Some individuals are now having me do the Spirit Communication with my Circle of Energy at their homes for family and friends. The thing that I have always said, it is Spirit Communication and the way I attempted it, so that individuals can communicate with the spirits of their loved ones with my Circle of Energy adding to the experience in a unique way.

As I have said for at least ten years, I do not sit there during my Circle of Energy Spirit Communication and say this or that spirit is there. It is for you to experience the Spirits of your loved ones, not me to sit there and tell you what I am experiencing.

May the Spirits of your loved ones be with you and watching over you.

Edward Shanahan
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