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Senator Gelber vows to fight right-wing ideologues

(Photo: FL Senate)

(6/15/2010) PLANTATION, FL – Speaking to the Broward Democratic Party Tuesday evening, Miami Beach’s own State Senator Dan Gelber, running for Florida Attorney General, vowed to sue the Florida Legislature for underfunding schools and attempting to take away a woman’s right to choose.

Gelber, one of two Democratic State Senators running for the Attorney General’s Office, told the friendly audience that a “group of right-wing ideologues” have taken Florida away from the people, and that he is not afraid to fight them as the state’s top law enforcer. He argued that Senate Bill 6, recently vetoed by Gov. Charlie Crist, which tied teacher pay and promotion to student performance, reflected the Republican legislature’s misunderstanding of the horribly underfunded public school system in the state. As one of Gov. Jeb Bush and then-Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio’s nemesis in Tallahassee, he assured the audience that he was ready for a fight.

Sen. Gelber expressed shock at the notion that gay men cannot adopt children, effectively taking a policy stance on a currently on-going legal battle before the Fourth District Court of Appeal, which the Attorney General’s Office is pursuing.

Gelber, who was accompanied by his two young daughters (or, as he referred to them as his volunteers), laid out a vision of the first few days of his administration as Attorney General:

Day 1: he would sue the Florida Legislature for underfunding the schools.
Day 2: he would sue the Florida Legislature for “trying to take away a woman’s right to choose.”

He noted that “big oil” will always be an enemy that the Attorney General will have to fight to protect those Floridians who are facing the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Although he is running for a position that would give him the power to bring prosecutions and lawsuits on behalf of the State, Gelber seemed to be campaigning on square issues pertinent to a candidate for the legislature, but trying to make them fit in the round hole of the Office of the Attorney General.

Oddly, although Gelber praised and threw his support behind Alex Sink for Governor, he (and others at the Broward Democratic Party meeting) seemed to be thanking Governor Crist for all of his recent vetoes, including S.B. 6 and H.B. 1143 (mandating patient-paid ultrasounds for all women seeking abortions). There was no mention of Democrat Kendrick Meek, running against newly-Independent Crist and Marco Rubio (R), or his Democratic rival Jeff Greene.

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