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Senator Cruz to New Hampshire: Now is the time to speak out

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was one of the speakers at the inaugural Freedom Summit hosted by Citizens United and Americans for Prosperity Foundation in Manchester yesterday. Considered a potential 2016 presidential candidate, Cruz not only got a standing ovation before he spoke but he gave an excellent speech on top of that. It was very down-to-Earth and directed towards regular Americans. Yours truly had the opportunity to interview him one-on-one. Cruz and his staff were absolutely a class act. Senator Cruz isn’t your typical D.C. politician. He’s a man who understands the issues hurting Americans and understands the best way out.

Senator Ted Cruz speaks at Freedom Summit
Kimberly Morin

Two questions were asked of Senator Cruz that had a general messaging theme. With everything going on in this country that is hurting millions of Americans – Obamacare, Common Core and the Obamaconomy – how do activists and Republicans get people talking about the issues that are actually important to them. While Democrats try to distract from these issues they created, activists and Republicans need to bring them back to reality. Americans need to understand that there is relief from the pain Democrats are causing and it happens at the ballot box.

There’s one thing Senator Cruz seems to really understand – that it’s regular people who make the difference. Americans who are informed need to ‘speak out’ and talk to their neighbors and friends about what is happening. The people who can truly make a difference are the grassroots activists and the men and women 'next door'. Cruz emphasized this point in the interview. Now is the time to speak out before it’s too late.

NOTE: This is the first time yours truly has used video or edited. Hopefully some lessons will make the next one better. The most important part is the message.

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