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Senator Connie Johnson….

Shelley Stutchman

Senator Connie Johnson won the primary for the Democratic choice for the position of U.S. Senator. This remarkable woman is busy campaigning as she prepares to go all the way to represent the citizens of Oklahoma.

You can see where she stands on many issues by going to her web site at What you can’t find on the Internet, or in commercials, or flyers, is what Senator Johnson is like one on one. What kind of person is she when the spotlight is not on her and there are no reporters around?

When you meet Senator Johnson, the first thing you will notice is the sparkle in her eyes, the silk flower pinned to her suit jacket, and the beautiful smile that lights up her face. However, the real essence of the senator is the fact that she listens. It is very rare to meet someone who is so busy running their campaign and getting their message across who will do much more than quickly shake your hand and say, “Thank you for your support.” This is where Senator Johnson is a cut above the rest. When introduced to her, she stops, she does not look over your shoulder to see who else is in the room, but she takes your hand, puts you at ease, and has a real conversation with you.

When talking with the Senator, she does not interrupt you, or make you feel hurried; she is gracious and sincerely wants to hear what is on your mind. She wants to know what issues are important to you, what you think are good solutions to hard problems, how we can work together to make Oklahoma one of the best states in the nation. You know once you have talked to Senator Johnson that you were heard, and what you said mattered.

Senator Johnson is authentic and true to herself. She is not afraid to state her beliefs; she is bold and forthright. If you ever get the chance to be in the same room with her when she is speaking, you will understand why she is making her mark in this upcoming election. When she speaks you will not want the time to come to an end, you will desire to hear more of what she has to say.

Senator Johnson is a lady; she is a politician; she is poised; she is strong; and after spending just a few minutes with her, you will also say Senator Johnson is a friend.

Go beyond the issues, beyond the political party, and dig into what the person you are about to elect is all about in his or her heart, where it will all boil down to in the end.

Vote November 4, 2014.

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