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Senator Bayh gives Congressman Brad Ellsworth $1 million as a reward for health care 'yes' vote

Bayh prepares to hipcheck senator Lincoln into the pillar.  

Oh, and check out those shoes!
Bayh prepares to hipcheck senator Lincoln into the pillar. Oh, and check out those shoes!
Photo courtesy of the Associated Press. Thanks Associated Press!

Call it the Bayh buy. Congressman Brad Ellsworth, who is seeking the senate seat being vacated by Evan Bayh, cast a vote for the disaster that is the recently passed health care bill. Ellsworth, who hails from a fairly conservative district and fancies himself a fiscally responsible “blue dog” democrat, stands to pay dearly for his vote. Bayh tried to balance it out by paying him $1 million for his troubles.

Million Dollar Vote of Confidence?
Bayh called the “donation” a “million dollar vote of confidence.” Unfortunately for Ellsworth, not even a million dollars is going to convince Hoosiers that this bill is anything but an unconstitutional destruction of private insurance, not to mention, liberty.

Mr. Ellsworth, we have a Message for You

Recent polls show Ellsworth trailing any of the three republican front-runners by anywhere from 10 to 20 percentage points, depending upon who you ask. Those numbers are from right before this vote on health care. This health care bill will do the same thing to the Ellsworth deficit that it is going to do to the national deficit – explode it drastically. Ellsworth will be 25 points in the hole by May.

I Was Wrong
After Evan Bayh announced his retirement, your humble conservative examiner wrote an article painting him as the victim of a liberal kamikaze Congress, content to destroy their political careers in order to advance their political agenda before the adults take Congress back this November.

I could not have been more wrong. With Bayh supporting this bill and encouraging Ellsworth to do the same, it is quite clear that he is part of the kamikaze Congress. The Evan Bayh that governed the state of Indiana from the center, cut taxes and served the will of the people is dead. Dead and gone.

The old Evan Bayh has been replaced by a coward. A coward who, like his suicide bomber Congressional democratic colleagues wants to see liberalism ruin America as we know it. The difference between Bayh and the rest of the traitors in Congress is that he does not even have the intestinal fortitude to own up to who he is and what he stands for. He is pushing a liberal bill down the throat of his constituents who overwhelmingly oppose it all the while hiding behind a moderate façade and blaming virtually everyone else for a lack of bipartisan politics.

The Bottom Line
Ellsworth is sunk. The republicans could nominate anyone shy of Satan and Ellsworth would lose, big time. He would even lose his house seat if he were running for that. His ole buddy Baron Hill will be joining him in the unemployment office after this November. Baring a seismic shift in the political landscape, Bayh is done too. At least in Indiana.

Americans, and Hoosiers specifically, are mad as hell. They will not forget this betrayal and they will not forgive the Benedict Arnolds who are responsible.

Bayh just ruined his legacy, and Ellsworth ensured that he never gets a chance to have one.

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  • VeldaElsa 5 years ago

    Are you unemployed? With new Obama Health Care Plan, Government is going to insure additional 33 Million people. There is going to be huge demand for medical assistants across the nation at least half a million. We can help you get a training during weekends and evenings and get a degree in few months. The course is easy, contact for free information at this is your decision

  • Indy Conservative Examiner 5 years ago

    That is a remarkably ignorant statement and a shameless plug, which I am tempted to delete. There will be an increased demand, but the government is not going to allow for adequate reimbursements. Doctors themselves have said that they cannot survive cuts to medicare and medicaid reimbursements or another reimbursement system that is similarly designed.

    The only jobs that will be in high demand are low paying ones, since the doctors and hospitals will lose money.

    Oh, and the government is likely to be hiring.

  • confused 5 years ago

    I don't get what the problem is with this bill.I have voted in a few elections where a candidate was supporting a measure that would help me personally(a rarity)regardless of party affiliation,and as a small business owner,according to my accountant I now stand to save a considerable amount via a new tax credit.Am I missing something here?

    The way you demonize the concept of "liberalism" and the aformentioned candidates seems a bit over the top.All I know is that my premiums have been rising,on average,10-15% EVERY YEAR since 2000-each year I must reduce benefits to avoid opting out completely.I don't care if it was passed by a "liberal" congress-it's about time they switch their focus to us "little" guys.I just know that I stand to save alot of money, while providing a valuable asset to my employees. Again,am I missing something here because to avoid losing it I WILL get out and vote this November.Would people actually vote against their own best interest out of an irrational fear?

  • confused 5 years ago

    "Recent polls show Ellsworth trailing any of the three republican front-runners by anywhere from 10 to 20 percentage points, depending upon who you ask."

    Is that a typo or intentional? According to your link:

    Indiana Senate Hostettler(R)vs Ellsworth(D)
    Rasmussen Reports 03/17 - 03/18 500 LV 50 32 Hostettler +18
    Daily Kos/R2000 02/22 - 02/24 600 LV 40 34 Hostettler +6 Rasmussen Reports 02/16 - 02/17 500 LV 46 27 Hostettler +19

    +6 is a bit less than +10

    Indiana Senate - Coats(R) vs. Ellsworth(D)
    Rasmussen Reports 03/17 - 03/18 500 LV 49 34 Coats +15
    Daily Kos/R2000 02/22 - 02/24 600 LV 37 36 Coats +1
    Rasmussen Reports 02/16 - 02/17 500 LV 46 32 Coats +14

    +1 is SIGNIFICANTLY less than +10

    And NO candidate is leading by 20. Not even close.

    Ellsworth entered the race 1 month ago and has 8 months to campaign.

    If you honestly believe this bill is "bad" why the need to falsify information?

  • Indy Conservative Examiner 5 years ago

    To confused:
    The daily Kos polls are not legitimate and are always skewed far left. If you look at the non Kos polls, they all show GOP candidates leading Ellsworth with leads between 10-20 points. As I said. The top lead is 18 points, as you pointed out, but rounding up when giving spreads is a common practice. Come one now. Is the best counter you have to nit-pick over 2 points?

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