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Senate to DC's rulers: If you wanna vote in America's house, no more gun registration!


U.S. Senate votes to quash DC gun registration
A “news” item yesterday in the Washington Post said that the Senate gun rights amendment to the bill providing the District of Columbia a voting representative in the House of Representatives “will turn the nation's capital into one of the easiest places in America to own a gun.” 
Even if this were true, that would be a good thing, but unfortunately it’s not true – the amendment merely repeals gun registration, a practice largely unknown in the United States. The “registration” of guns amounts to a repugnant “prior restraint” of Americans’ constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.
Even the Post admits that at most, only “[a] dozen states, including Maryland, require handgun owners to register their weapons with authorities or obtain licenses to possess them.” But this “14” number is way overblown, so let’s disaggregate that statistic:
Handgun Registration: Only 4 states require all handguns to be registered - Hawaii, Michigan, New York, and Massachusetts. But visitors and new residents can bring their handguns into Hawaii and Michigan without prior registration (i.e., "prior restraint”), unlike DC. 
And though California requires new residents to register their importation of handguns, they have 60 days to do so and just have to fill out a simple form and mail in to the California DOJ. Further, new California residents may bring any handgun they own, not just new handguns on the California Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale, which DC now misuses as an absolute list even for guns being brought into DC by new residents or through intestate transfer.
Permits to Purchase: While a few states require a permit to purchase a handgun but these pre-Brady Act era state “permits” amount to simply a redundant “pre-background check background check.” Missouri recently repealed their permit to purchase scheme for this reason.
Long Guns: DC also requires registration of all long guns, something not required by any state except Hawaii, and then again, only for new residents!
Finally consider that most states preempt cities on gun control completely and only two states, Illinois and New York, appear to let cities restrict gun ownership in the home. In other words the Senate amendment just closes the loophole in federal law which allows DC to restrict gun ownership rights, even in the home.
Take Action: Call your Congressional Representative and tell her to stand tall and join the Senate in telling DC: If you want to vote in America's house, respect Americans' gun rights!  Leave the voice mail loud and clear. 
For more info: See this slightly outdated but useful NRA state by state gun registration law summary.




  • Longenecker 6 years ago

    Good one, Mike. Count me in.

  • blogo 6 years ago

    Excellent. You forgot the training requirement, however. One hour of range time with a handgun is required to own a shotgun. It's like requiring someone take motorcycle road test in order to qualify to drive a car.

  • David Reich 6 years ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the Senate is proposing ANY Bill, doesn't the President have to sign it into Law? If that's the case, I'd bet my .38 Special that it will be vetoed.

    If you've paid full attention to the different positions Obama took on the DC gun ban, then you know that he's just going to say that the law's we're trying to repeal are really "constitutional, and that they should remain."

  • blogo 6 years ago

    David, with or with out the gun amendment, Obama would be crazy not to sign it. After the Holder debacle on AWB, he likely would be reluctant to send such a strong gun control signal.

  • straightarrow 6 years ago

    he doesn't need to be crazy, just arrogant. Uh oh!

  • Kurt Hofmann 6 years ago

    The DC gun rights provision is an amendment to the bill that would give DC a voting Representative in the House, so Obama can't veto it without vetoing the voting bill--something I don't see him doing.

    The bigger concern is the amendment being done away with in negotiations between the House and Senate. The amendment's author, Senator Ensign (R-NV) has himself expressed doubt that his amendment will survive that process.

  • bob 6 years ago

    If they are linking gun rights with unconstitutional voting rights in DC, at least go for some gusto. Attach national reciprocal carry to it or at least make a bold statement such as giving DC Vermont style concealed carry. Either way, I can't ask my congress to vote for something so blatantly in violation the constitution. They want to change it, the constitution defines 2 methods they can use to amend it.

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