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Senate sneaks through a provision to legalize sodomy/bestiality in our military

The Senate approved S-1867, The National Defense Authorization Act which repealed Article 125 of the Uniform Cod of Military Justice which made both sodomy and sex with animals prohibited.
The Senate approved S-1867, The National Defense Authorization Act which repealed Article 125 of the Uniform Cod of Military Justice which made both sodomy and sex with animals prohibited.
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There really is not anything one can congratulate or rejoice about. One can wonder honestly if it is a step forward or backward concerning what the Senate did.

Nevertheless in a move that can best be described as clandestine, a provision that would make sodomy and bestiality legal in the military was hidden in a defensive spending authorization bill and passed overwhelmingly in the Senate 93-7. You can bet there was no other way to sneak this reversal of morality through.

When was this done? It was accomplished way back in the beginning of November, 2013. You can also bet there were no sound-bytes from the television networks on this development. The silence across the board says it all. Not one media outlet reported this transaction.

Naturally there is no way a bill with the heading to repeal sodomy and bestiality could ever make it through the Senate’s normal pipeline process. One could perhaps comprehend that sodomy bans in the military would need to be changed because of same sex marriage, but sex with animals? One can understand why the stealth secrecy to approve both was used.

This action by our legislatures that used to represent the moral fiber of our country demonstrates how out to lunch our representatives are. This new low in political posturing and back room deals to legitimize sodomy and sex with animals is a prime reason why our Congress is losing confidence of the people they are sworn to represent. It is no wonder why people are disgusted with this ongoing political foolishness.

Go ahead, dare these congressional cowards to justify repealing Article 125 which forbid sex with animals by adding the provision to a defense spending bill.

These types of shenanigans represent the most shameful and gutless tactic in memory.

There weren’t too many press conferences or news reports touting this accomplishment, was there? One can wonder if anyone really has a clue regarding what is going on and why everyone in the media has come down with a case of lockjaw on this development. Not even some of the most vocal watchdog’s of the liberals have mentioned anything significant. There was vocal commentary, but only from that whacked out right wing fanatic sect of conservatives.

In Jude 1:7 of the Bible, it declares “even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire”.

Bestiality definitely qualifies as going after strange flesh.

It would prove interesting what spin the most liberal “Christian” churches would put on this latest fiasco by the Senate. Many that have incorporated same sex marriages, ordaining gay priest or ministers, abortion, and have liberalized divorce to mirror the world’s values will have a difficult time with sodomy and bestiality validation. Not one church has stepped on the sodomy and bestiality bandwagon.

In fact the silence is so deafening on this suspect provision the Senate approved that now authorizes sodomy and bestiality that the lack of comment is becoming a story unto itself. The media has been shrilly covering all other changes regarding sexuality, why not these two? Could it be the media is a trifle embarrassed about what the Senate approved at a shameful 93-7 vote?

The pitiful one-sided vote says it all.

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