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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called "repetitive liar" (Video)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is making no friends at the Republican National Committee. RNC press secretary Kristen Kukowski released a memo to Reid Tuesday entitled, “Nothing's Too Unethical for Harry Reid.”

Pa Kettle is not held accountable by the biased mainstream media
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The candid note accused the Nevada Democrat of “being a repetitive bold-faced liar.” The beginning of the memo starts, “a bad month,” according to The Weekly Standard.

It continues, "He was caught funneling campaign money to his relatives. His Senate Majority PAC was caught lying to voters. And he was caught hypocritically accepting money tied to people he calls 'un-American. As he desperately clings to power, is there anything Harry Reid won’t do to promote his own self-interests?"

A bemused conservative commentator with The Standard, Daniel Halper, commented that the “Reid culture” includes, "If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again."

Kukowski angerly refers to a Federal Election Commission report that Reid’s campaign actually paid $31,268 to his granddaughter Ryan Elizabeth Reid's jewelry company for the purchase of holiday gift items last year. The blatant disregard for the law allowing “nominal” gifts was brushed aside by a man who feels his title makes him entitled.

As Halper observed, "Either he clearly violated that standard, or he’s just using campaign dollars to prop up his granddaughter’s business.” He also commented on Reid's long history of nepotism that includes his granddaughter and his own son, Josh Reid becoming city attorney in Henderson, NV.

In 2012, Reid used his connections to help his son Rory's legal firm receive legal fees from a Chinese company building a solar plant in Nevada. The accusations of Reid's access are lengthy.

Fact checker for The Washington Post, Glenn Kessler, gave four “Pinocchios'” to political action ads running in Arkansas and Louisiana viciously attacking Republican opponents. "Television stations in Louisiana should be ashamed of falling for such an obvious gambit," Kessler said in his regular column, "The Fact Checker: The Truth Behind the Rhetoric."

The Standard's Halper put it this way: "These ads reveal two things. First, Harry Reid and his allies have no respect for the truth and are perfectly content to lie to Americans. Second, Harry Reid is so desperate to cling to power that he’ll resort to whatever means necessary to keep his perch as majority leader."

The Senate Majority Leader has a very loose mouth that the media doesn't hold him accountable for. Earlier this year he called the Koch brothers "un-American," and publicly said they try to “buy” elections for Republicans.

Ironically, Reid received a $500 donation in 2003 from former Koch Industries lobbyist Robert Hall, Halper summed it up saying, "Once again, the truth doesn’t matter to Harry Reid. For a senator who tells outright lies and funnels campaign money to his family, hypocrisy probably seems like no big deal."

Reid has a very good chance of losing his majority title this November.

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