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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused of sheltering a slush fund

Harry Reid the hypocrite?
Harry Reid the hypocrite?
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They say “what comes around goes around” and if that’s the case, it’s coming to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. It was revealed Thursday that he is at the center of a growing political controversy where payments from his campaign funds had been made to his granddaughter than previously reported.

He promised earlier this week to reimburse $16,787 his campaign gave to Ryan Elisabeth Reid in 2013 for holiday gifts.” The “gifts” were purchased from Reid, who has her own line of jewelry.

Reid said they complied with Federal Election Commission standards that “allow the purchase of goods from relatives if those goods are sold at fair market value.”

That may be Harry Reid’s interpretation, but Jahan Wilcox, a Republican National Committee spokesman, decried Harry Reid's use of campaign monies as a "personal slush fund."

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we do deceive.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Thursday show the campaign paid yet another $14,481 to Reid's granddaughter in 2012, bringing to $31,268 the total paid to Ryan Elisabeth in 2012 and 2013 to purchase gifts for Reid's support staff, according to federal authorities.

Ryan, the daughter of former Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid, designs jewelry and a gift line. She is also creative director of a New York theater company. She makes the jewelry for “Reid’s staff.”

“I thought it would be nice to give supporters and staff thank-you gifts that had a personal connection," Reid said with his gentle tone. It is hard to believe that a man of Reid’s political experience would not realize the implications of such a move, if that is what happened.

The Las Vegas Review goes further with the words, "the potential appearance." It appears Reid was using funds from political donors to enrich a family member. That in turn, when caught red-handed, prompted his decision to reimburse the campaign.

Will there be repercussions? Republicans have criticized Reid for what they “a slush fund.”

The final decision will be made by a federal investigation. If it is of any length compared to the ongoing investigations into Benghazi, “Fast and Furious” or the IRS Scandal, Reid will be dead and buried by its conclusion.

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