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Senate gun control vote fails, the President sulks

"Delicious" may be the most over-used adjective in the English language. One can't get past a television commercial advertising food, soft-drinks, chocolate, or even coffee without hearing it. Coffee? As good as coffee is, it's difficult to think of it as "delicious." Necessary? Pleasing? Impossible to eliminate from the morning routine or even substitute for once it becomes habit? Agreed. But "delicious?" Come on. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

But every once in awhile, no discription other than "delicious" fits. That was exactly the case yesterday when a visibly upset President Obama went to the podium and pouted before all the world that "All in all, this was a pretty shameful day in Washington." Why more than any other day?

Because Mr. Obama's plan to "expand" background checks for law-abiding gun purchasers was given a thumbs-down in the U.S. Senate. Had he not said even one word, which is inconceivable in any case, the look on the President's face said it all. Mr. Obama, never a good loser, was downright steamed. Deee-licious.

"It came down to politics," he said. "The worry that that vocal minority of gun owners (70-80 million of them?) would come after them in future elections (welll...duuuh!). They worried that the "gun lobby" (dastardly fiends that we are) would spend a lot of money and paint them as anti-2nd Amendment." Which, of course, we would.

Vice-President Joe Biden, standing behind the President on the podium, looked as if he'd been constipated for at least the last month and wasn't looking forward to the coming weeks. Maybe Obamacare doesn't cover suppositories? Apologies for the accidental juxtaposition, but...delicious.

Gabrielle Giffords, who has something to complain about, was "furious." Shot in the head during an assassination attempt in Tucson, Arizona, her pro-gun control stance is worthy of sympathy, but no less wrong-headed than that of any other liberal/socialist/Democrat (LSD). She understandably finds speaking a difficult task.

"I will not rest," she wrote, "until we have righted the wrong these senators have done, and until we...can look parents in the face and say 'We are trying to keep your children safe.'" So, Senate Republicans and the handful of Democrats who voted with them to defeat an ultimately pointless, and likely unconstitutional bill, somehow care nothing for child safety?

The question for Ms Giffords, and indeed for all of the LSDs, is simple. Does "trying to keep your children safe" include all children, including the unborn? Given that Ms. Giffords was standing shoulder to shoulder with the most pro-abortion President in U.S. history, feel free to connect the dots.

Not to steal a line from Bill Maher, that genius of moronic propotions, who last week crudely referred to the 2nd Amendment as "bull****," but until Ms Giffords vows to protect every child before she rests, not just those with a recognizable face, her opinion is exactly as Maher describes the 2nd Amendment. Moreover, as long as she insists that the only way to stop criminals is to limit the liberty of those who obey the law, it will remain so.

As to Maher himself, his feelings must be hurt. This is a guy who somehow gets audiences to laugh by insulting them to their faces. He tells them that they, as Americans, are "stupid" and live in a "stupid country" because it tolerates things like religion and freedom. That bulb on his face that he probably calls a nose is today undoubtedly red and more swollen than usual from blowing it between crying jags. If this were the Christmas season (oooooh. Can we say "Christmas?") rather than mid-April, we might have to change the title of the song to "Bill Maher the Red-Nosed Wacko." That too, is delicious.

Most delicious of all however, is that Senate Republicans, hand in hand with a few Democratic colleagues stood up for liberty in the face of momentarily more popular, politically correct emotion. They showed that the U.S. Constitution still means something to them. It could very well be that there is a bit of spine in the Republican Party after all. That's a good thing. If they keep showing a willingness to stand up for liberty and the Constitution, they might even convince a few Democrats to stand with them on other issues against the LSD imposters who have inundated the Democratic party.

Should the Republicans somehow convince the electorate that they have the courage to stand by their convictions, they might even find a way to communicate what they believe. Do that, and they might just turn things around.

Then again, this is the Republican Party that we're talking about, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. For now though, the taste of a resounding victory for liberty is absolutely delicious.


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