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Senate Bill proposes mandatory sinkhole insurance: Good luck with that Missouri!

Good luck with making sinkhole insurance coverage mandatory
Good luck with making sinkhole insurance coverage mandatory
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Jay Wasson, a Missouri lawmaker is, once again, laying the groundwork for homeowners to get sinkhole insurance. As it stands, most insurance companies exclude earth movement, which includes sinkholes, from coverage.

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That's a gap Senate Bill 691 seeks to fill. Senate Bill 691 would require insurance companies to offer sinkhole coverage. However, this is the third time Senator Wasson has proposed this type of bill, and the last two times the measure failed to reach the governor's desk.

Third time's the charm? Well, maybe not with headlines like these blazing not only in Missouri, but also around the world:

Missouri – “The Show-Me State”– has all the symptoms of a state under severe geological stress. It sits in the central US, smack dab in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). Pressure exerted on earth by the approaching Planet X (Nibiru) complex is obvious – sinkholes in Missouri being only one of its many disastrous effects.

What are the odds of Senate Bill 691 reaching the Missouri governor's desk this third time around? Probably "slim to none."

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