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Senate Bill 23 Affects Adoptees In Ohio

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The Ohio Department of Health’s website states that adoptees in Ohio will be impacted by the Senate Bill 23, if they choose to act. This Bill can affect finalized adoptions between the years of January 1, 1964 and September 18, 1996. This bill will allow adoptees to see their own past records.

These records can include their adoption file and their first and original birth certificate. This information will be accessed through the Ohio Department of Health. On March 20, 2015, these adoptees can first begin requesting this information. Their lineal descendents can also request this information on this date.

Birth parents can now request information on the children they gave up for adoption. They can request an information packet on these children. This information packet will include a redaction form which they can fill out explaining if they wish to have their name’s released on the original birth certificate of the child’s adoption. This form must be submitted by March 19, 2015. They can also request a contact reference form which will state how the adopted child can contact them in the future if he/she wishes, a social and medical form that contains information for the adoptee, and an application for the release of the adopted child’s name which is a paper that will give the biological parents the name of the adopted child, if the adoptee agrees.

There are many reasons why an adoptee may wish to gain access to this information when it comes available. One may simply be curious about his/her biological parents. One may also wish to know more about the medical history of his/her parents. Finally, one may be curious of the history of his/her family.

Now it is easier for many adoptees to find this information. To learn more about this process, one can go to: The Ohio Department of Health’s website.