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Senate amnesty bill long on 'discretion,' very short on enforcement

By now, everyone knows that the Senate amnesty bill (S.744) that passed in June pays a lot of lip service to securing our borders.

At one point, Sen. Marco Rubio, whose presidential ambitions are closer to circling the bowl than they are a "rising star," boasted that the plan trotted out by his Gang of Eight colleagues "fixes our broken immigration system by securing the border with the toughest border security and enforcement measures in U.S. history . . ."

But as the days passed, we came to know that the bill first and foremost guarantees immediate legalization and work permits for illegals while leaving actual enforcement up to the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Just how much discretion are we talking about?

Well, briefly, an astute activist recently had someone run the entire bill through the word search function and found that the word discretion appeared 31 times. And as another activist noted, "And that's only the places where it specifically uses the word discretion. There are countless other places where the Secretary is given the ability to make determinations on his or her own." You can read more about this in the Daily Caller.

OK, so maybe this isn't exactly news, but it bears repeating given that the House amnesty bill (H.R. 15) is a carbon copy of the Senate bill.

If you're among those who bought into Rubio's snake oil sales pitch, remember that God gave you two eyes for a good reason: So that you can keep one open during the night.

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