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Sen. Ted Cruz calls out Obama on boycotting Israel during Hamas attacks

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On Wednesday, July 23, Sen. Cruz (R-Tex.) called out Barack Obama for the suspension of flights to Israel as a backdoor boycott of the Jewish state. Following a week of Hamas rocket attacks in which one rocket landed within a mile of the airport in Tel Aviv, the FAA suspended all American flights to the country of Israel. Meanwhile, U.S. financial aid to Gaza has been increased by the Obama administration with Secretary of State Kerry giving Hamas $47 million dollars.

Cruz condemns Obama’s boycotting Israel

Sen. Cruz declared that, despite all of the conflicts throughout the world, the FAA has not declared any area a no-fly zone. Even Ukraine, which saw a civilian airliner shot out of the sky by Russian missiles, has not been closed to American air traffic. This act, Cruz said, was unwarranted and stood out in direct contrast to the FAA’s lack of restrictions anywhere else. This deliberately sought to harm the Israeli tourist trade and economy, thereby bring pressure against the Israelis who were conducting counter-attacks on Hamas.

After a week of Hamas shooting thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians and then refusing a cease-fire that Israel offered before counter-attacking, Obama abstained from condemning Hamas but chastised both sides, especially the Israelis, to “show restraint.” Israel launched a counter-offensive to destroy the rocket launchers after warning Palestinians around them to evacuate because they were located around schools and hospitals. Following their attacks and the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians, Moslem spokesmen cried out to the world that the Israelis were murdering Palestinians in random acts of terrorism.

Cruz and conservatives blew off their complaints as transparent propaganda, but liberals in America took up the call for sanctions against Israel for “war crimes.” Sen. Cruz has been a favorite target of liberal hatred and was even spoofed on HBO’s “True Blood” series. Cruz thought the depiction of conservatives being beset by bloodthirsty vampires to be amusing.

The fangs come out for Cruz

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