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Sen. Rubio says Americans have lost faith in President Obama

NBC/Wall Street Poll indicates Obama's presidency is basically over
NBC/Wall Street Poll indicates Obama's presidency is basically over
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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) may be a bit hopeful with his political crystal ball. Appearing on Fox’s “Hannity” Wednesday night, he said, "I saw a commentator today NBC’s Chuck Todd) say that these polls they reflected with the Obama presidency is over." He was referring to the recent NBC-Wall Street Journal poll released yesterday.

Yet the stunning results of the poll indicate Americans do not feel the president "is able to lead the country and get the job done," Rubio added. The people have lost faith in “Obama’s ability to lead and provide leadership both at home and abroad.”

Rubio criticized the president’s handling of Benghazi and the IRS as examples of his leadership. “Obviously he still has responsibilities that I hope he'll live up to. But whether it's foreign policy or the issue on the border, or the VA, or the IRS losing its e-mails or Benghazi before that, it seems like every day now, every other day, there's a new crisis, almost like we're overwhelmed by the number of crisis and conflicts that are arising as a result of the incompetence and in some instances the design of this administration."

Rubio saved his heaviest condemnations for the Iraq crisis. "I don't think the president should be ruling things out even if he never intends to send a single American back. And by the way I don't take that lightly, nor am I calling for that. But you don't start by telling terrorists, 'Here's what we're not going to do,'" Rubio said of the president's initial announcement that he would not send troops to the region but subsequent decision to deploy 275 troops to protect American personnel in the region.”

A growing tide of discontent with the Obama administration is crossing party lines. With the endless scandals and botched foreign policy decisions, many Democratic candidates in the midterm elections are choosing to campaign without the president and distance themselves from Obamacare to the Keystone Oil Pipeline.

If polls on their chances are any indicator of success in November, Democrats better keep their day jobs. President Obama may find his last two years lonely at the top.

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