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Sen. Reid has psychotic break over Koch brothers

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No one knows why the Democrat Senator from Nevada and Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has chosen the Koch brothers to cast as leaders of a Satanic cult. Blaming them for everything from the Republican sweep in 2010 to being the saboteurs causing global warming, Reid's obsession with demonizing the Koch brothers has reached psychotic proportions. While not even in the top fifty political contributors (the top ten being all Democrat donors) Reid attributes them as being the creators of the TEA Party movement and greedy profiteers who would destroy planet Earth for a dollar.

Reid blames Koch brothers for climate change

Reid has been known for taking to the floor of the Senate vomiting blood on everyone he sees as an enemy. Having passed laws to make themselves immune from charges of slander when they speak in Congress, Reid has spoken a multitude of lies such as slandering Gov. Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign declaring him a tax dodger. Reid's excesses, insults, and insanities have earned him the title of the Troll that took the Hill. His constant trolling for anything to offend Republicans, and force people to pay him homage as if he owns the toll bridge to Heaven, is exceeded only by his lunacy whenever he speaks of his most hated targets.

Reid’s Koch brothers psychosis is deeply akin to Bush Economy Delusional Disorder that causes liberals to blame Bush for the Obama economy in perpetuity, and Palin Derangement Syndrome which is the belief that Tina Fey is the real Sarah Palin.

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