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Sen. Kirk wants criminal records of illegals

Sen. Kirk wants criminal records of illegals.
Courtesy of Congress

Yesterday, Senator Kirk sent off a letter to the U. S. Ambassadors of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to inquirer if criminal background check were done on the illegal immigrants that have illegally crossed the border though Mexico. He announced that 429 unaccompanied illegal minors are now in Chicago and is worried that some of them might be criminals. Never mind that fact that they have already broke our laws by coming here illegally. Does he really think that any of them had background checks or that they stopped by the U.S. Embassy to tell them they are coming here illegally?

Since Sen. Kirk is worried about criminal records, one can assume the illegals here are not little babies but kids over the age of 9, the ripe age for gang members here to recruit. It was reported yesterday that the illegal youth in many of the shelters are being recruited by MS-13 members, is this not what they are supposedly coming here for – to get away from gang members. Sen. Kirk should know that many of these illegal kids are Central Americas street kids and probably all have criminal records for one thing or another because that is the only way they can survive on their streets.

As many of our Illinois politicians insist on aiding and abetting illegal immigrants, ID theft will increase, the crime rate will continue to go up, increased homelessness, more children will be at risk for sex trafficking and domestic violence abuse. Taxpayers that are working can expect to pay higher cost on taxes, fees, health and welfare because someone has to pay their housing, food, diseases and pleasures. But then again the politicians do need their vote, especially since Gov. Quinn was nice enough to give them the right to apply and vote the same day without any identification.

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