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Sen. John McCain calls for more vigorous actions against the Russian invaders

Sen. John McCain - Stop sitting around with the Russian invasion
Sen. John McCain - Stop sitting around with the Russian invasion
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Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and a former presidential candidate in 2008 is not happy with President Obama’s actions over Russia’s invasion of Crimea. It is belief that the United States needs to be doing more, much more including restarting a missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland that was cancelled in 2009. said Sen. John McCain.

"Restart the missile defense system that Obama canceled in order to placate Putin in the Czech Republic and Poland," the Arizona Republican told Fox News' "America's Newsroom" on Monday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin "has been so successful." He suggested other ways for the United States to respond to the Russian threat. "Have military exercises with our Baltic friends. They're under enormous pressure from Putin. Bring Georgia and Moldova, both parts of which are occupied by Russia today, into NATO. And do it quickly," he said.

The size and scope of the White House response has been incredibly minimal considering what the U.S. alone could do to lower the value of Russian currency on the world stage.

Restricting foreign travel for Russians is something else to consider. “I guarantee you, if they can't go to London with their kids, and do all the things they can do, it can be extremely harmful," he said.

McCain was quick to point out, as if it means anything to Putin the former KGB official in East Germany, the takeover of Crimea was a "blatant violation" of the Budapest Memorandum, between the Ukraine and the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia in 1994.

Its doubtful Putin had that on his mind as he planned his strategy for taking the Crimea. Nevertheless, McCain added the treaty of 1994guaranteed Crimea as part of Ukraine, and the territorial integrity of Ukraine."

The United States should "respond and respond vigorously," to Putin’s actions, McCain said. We need a "fundamental reassessment of our relationship with Vladimir Putin."

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