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Sen. John Barrasso on Obamacare: "I think they're cooking the books"

Sen. Barrasso - Not the only one in Washington smelling hanky-panky
Sen. Barrasso - Not the only one in Washington smelling hanky-panky
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Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) said on “Fox News Sunday,” he dismisses the White House announcement of reaching the six million sign-up mark, calling it a “meaningless figure.” He further said, "I don't think it means anything. I think they're cooking the books on this."

He could also have asked, have six million Americans really sign-up for Obamacare? Of those supposed six million, how many are within the prime ages of 18-35, the youth needed to have a healthy risk pool for health insurance? How many of those signed-up have actually paid their first premium?

Last Thursday, the Obama administration gleefully held a press conference to proclaim they we just one million short of their intended goal of seven million sigh-ups for the new health care law.

With all the changes to the law (38 so far), the “news” was met in Washington with a grain of salt. In fact, Sen. Barrasso feels enrollment numbers aren’t enough. "What kind of insurance will those people actually have? Will they be able to keep the doctor that they want? How much more is it going to cost them? We know that some of the best cancer hospitals in the country want very little to do with people that actually buy this insurance on the Obamacare exchanges."

Naturally the Democratic National Committee was gathering no moss after that statement. Their statement read, "It means something to the 105 million Americans who no longer have a lifetime cap on essential benefits, and it means something to the parents of over 17.6 million children who no longer have to worry about their kids being denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions. It means something to approximately 3 million young people who have health insurance through their parents' plan and it means something to the over 32.5 million seniors who have already received one or more free preventive services."
Whatever the present situation actually is, the total number of sign-ups is one million short of the projection that was the March 31 deadline.

That was Obamacare’s 38th change. The March 31 deadline is now extended into late April.

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