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Sen. Harry Reid disgnosed with 'foot-in-mouth disease'

Harry Reid looking more like Pa Kettle by the gaffe
Harry Reid looking more like Pa Kettle by the gaffe
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Senate Majority leader Harry Reid can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth. His latest misstep was blatantly discounting cancer patient Sen.Tom Coburn's remarks about the majority of cancer specialty centers in the United States Tuesday, according to the Washington Examiner.

The real problem for Harry Reid is Coburn’s assertion they don’t accept Obamacare.

The Nevada Democrat accused the Oklahoma Republican of being "in the weeds" when it comes to his understanding of the Affordable Care Act.

Coburn complained about the lack of coverage as he battles prostate cancer that has come back. "Nineteen of the cancer centers in this country, only five are covered under Obamacare," Coburn said.

Senator Coburn is an actual doctor planning to retire from the Senate at the end of the year. He learned earlier this year the cancer center treating him would not accept Obamacare. "You know, it's a market, and what they've done is they've priced it where these cancer centers, a lot of them, aren't going to participate because they don't get paid to cover the costs."

Reid took little time firing back. “Dr. Coburn is very good at getting into the weeds and trying to find something that he thinks makes sense, but I think we need to look at the overall context of this bill."


Senator Reid continued his bizarre tirade, "It (Obamacare) really brings a lot of people in from the cold so that they have the ability to get health insurance, which they've never had the opportunity to do before."

The comment had absolutely nothing to do with what Coburn had said previously. It appears the senator cannot control his talking points rhetoric at any given time.

Coburn shot back on "Fox & Friends." He accused Obamacare numbers of “being skewed” since most people who signed up had health insurance plans that were canceled under the health reform law.

Fewer than a million people fell into the category of newly insured, he added. Then his warning, directed at Reid: "We'll see how many people really signed up when we see how many people pay. And, one of the measures of that will be what the premium increases are coming in late April, early May, for next year's premiums."

No further comment from Reid, thankfully.

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