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Sen. Cruz pleads with GOP to hold line on debt in vain

GOP focused on the midterm elections and Obamacare, not the debt
GOP focused on the midterm elections and Obamacare, not the debt
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Controversial and opinionated U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), said Monday that it would be “irresponsible” for the Congress to grant a debt limit increase to the president even though that is exactly what is happening.

Sen. Cruz is the Tea Party’s darling who has long been encouraging Republicans in the House to keep their backs stiff and resist the president’s various moves to undermine their cause.

He spoke with the media at the Heritage Foundation outside of Washington following his comments. Don’t “go down that road" of agreeing constantly to the president’s call for increasing the government's borrowing authority.

Tax increases must be countered with demands for stiff measures for long-term deficits.

It appears that will not be the case this time around and most experts feel that is due to Republicans focusing on the one issue they feel they can win in November with – Obamacare.

But Cruz counters, "President Obama is asking Congress to give him a blank check to allow him to keep maxing out the credit card without doing anything to fix the problem. I think that's irresponsible."

It might be a different story if the Republicans felt they would not be unfairly beaten up by the mainstream media for not allowing the increase. It very well could put them in the same position of last year’s shut down of the government with the majority of Americans blaming Republican’s.

As we have witnessed over the last 36 hours, the GOP is ignoring Sen. Cruz.

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