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Sen. Chris Murphy defends Harry Reid

When Harry Reid took to the Senate floor last week and said that "all of the horror stories" about Obamacare were "untrue", most political pundits thought Democrats would try to bury that episode within a couple days. Apparently, Sen. Chris Murphy, (D-CT), didn't get the memo.

Here's a partial transcript of Greta van Susteren's cross-examination of Sen. Murphy:

GRETA: It doesn't matter how many times you hear it, it's still hard to believe we heard Harry Reid say this on the Senate floor:
REID: There's plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue.
GRETA: So defend it. All Obamacare horror stories are untrue.
SEN. MURPHY: Well, I think Sen. Reid later that day walked that back, suggesting that not all of the horror stories were untrue.
GRETA: When did he walk it back? I didn't hear him walk it back.
SEN. MURPHY: I think he's made it perfectly clear that we're talking about some very high profile stories that have been put in in response to the State of the Union Speech, a number of commercials against some of our Democratic incumbents that have been -- that really aren't true. There's a commercial running in Michigan, a candidate there says that they lost their doctor and they couldn't get affordable coverage. The truth is that she could keep her doctor under another plan.
GRETA: Here's my problem. Here's the Senate Majority Leader. He goes to the Senate floor and says it. He doesn't go back to the Senate floor and correct it. I mean he had plenty of opportunities to correct it. He owns the floor. And he's not just a first offender in saying awful things about people. He said about Gov. Romney that he'd heard from a credible source that he hadn't paid income taxes. He's a lawyer. He won't even name the source but he says this stuff to slime somebody. This is a leader. This isn't somebody that's just a rank-and-file senator. This is a leader.

The grilling continued another 3 minutes, with Sen. Murphy looking like he'd have more fun undergoing a root canal without a painkiller. Sen. Murphy had a pair of objectives. Sen. Murphy's first objective was to pull attention away from Sen. Reid's statements on the Senate floor that created an anti-Democrat backlash.

Sen. Murphy's other objective was to attempt to turn the page and accuse the Koch Brothers of lying to the American people. Sen. Murphy did the best he could with a terrible hand but he finished the interview looking like mincemeat after Ms. van Susteren sliced and diced his story into tiny pieces.

Finally, AFP put together the ads that Sen. Murphy is talking about. Based on the Democrats' howls, there isn't any doubt that the ads are working.

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