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Seminar: 'Technology at the Water’s Edge'

Crime Scene Investigations Diver Technologists
Crime Scene Investigations Diver Technologists

Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologists International ©

What: Processing; Procedures; Protocols and Precautions.

Case Reviews

Technology at the Water’s Edge

When: March 18th and 19th 2014

Where: New Bern Riverfront Convention Center

203 South Front St., New Bern, NC  28563


Mack S. House Jr. 828-380-9955

Conference fee: $235.00 US

Special Hotel Rates apply for those attending the conference.

Key course benefits:

The Importance of each topic, regarding Underwater Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation processing, cannot be overstated. Each topic is covered thoroughly and completely using actual case reviews, which will provide a clearer understanding of each topic.

Each attendee is provided with a comprehensive study guide, which allows him or her to follow along during each topic.

Who should attend: Crime Scene Investigators, Law Enforcement Professionals, Registered nurses, Forensic Nurses, EMS Professionals and other healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the evaluation, documentation and pathology of the submerged victim.

All participants will receive:

Training Manual and related materials
Case reviews Documentation example forms,
Power Point text overview.
A new copy of: "Underwater Forensics Research Commercial Scientific Diving- Medical Legal"
Lunch ~ both days
Proprietary and copyright laws apply.

Purpose: Provide Law Enforcement, healthcare providers, Fire Department and EMS personnel, with the latest advancements in procedures, protocols, job hazards and documentation processes recommended/required in processing the submerged victim during Crime Scene Investigation. Broaden the knowledge base of each attendee, presenting the information using actual case studies as examples. Attendees will participate in the discussions by submitting written answers regarding specific questions related to each individual case study.

Speaker: Mack S. House Jr. CSIDT- International

Mack S. House Jr.: Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologist ~ International (, Published Author: Internationally Reputed US Expert, in Underwater Forensics Crime Scene Investigation. *South Carolina, Criminal Justice Academy Standards Unit, Institutional Provider #522*. Author; "Underwater Forensics Research, Commercial Scientific Diving, CSI, Deputy Sheriff, Crew Chief North Carolina Emergency Medical Technician, and Soul Designer ASME Certified - 2 staffed Submarine. Master Diver-PADI-NASDS.


** Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologists International. 15 CEU

** NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commissions Law Enforcement Officer Certificate Program, either at the intermediate or advanced level. 13.75 CEU

** Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. 15 CEU

** Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Standards Committee, for Continuing Education Units/points for Law Enforcement Officers.  Daniel Zivkovich, Executive Director 13.75 CEU

** South Carolina Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) hours. 13.75

** Approved by the State of Georgia for Continued Education Points. 13.75 CEU



** New York State: The Division of Criminal Justice Services is not authorized to certify training provided by private entities in New York State.  Additionally, NYS law does not require police officers to complete in-service training or continuing education credits in order to maintain their positions.  This does not preclude CSIDT International from providing training to agencies and officers in NYS nor is it intended, in any way, to diminish the quality or value of training provided. Certificate of Completion and Hours will be placed in Officer Training File. 13.75 CEU

** Board of Nursing- Application in process

** Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologist International is accepted in the United Kingdom and Honduras.


Learning Objectives, using individual case reviews:

Describe best practices based in science and innovations that may contribute to their own professional practice, Safe Diving Practices and Safe Diving Operations.
Discriminate the role of the CSI and CSIDT in changing Investigative procedures and protocols as it relates to the interdisciplinary team and excellence in Forensic Science
Identify the leadership requisites from Recreational Diver to Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologist that transform the practice environment’s quality and momentum in achieving positive and a Safe investigation outcome.
Evaluate strategies that maximize the potential of the Diver Technologists practices, related to Professional and Ethical Standards.
Identify the leadership requisites from beginning of the investigative process, to conclusion, that transform the practice environment's quality.
Understanding the importance of Solving both theoretical and practical problems, associated with underwater crime scene investigations and forensic science.
Note: Power Point presentations contain graphic images for clarification purposes.


Schedule and Course Content – Day 1

8:00 AM Registration ~ Snacks and beverages throughout the day
8:30 AM The Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologist and the
Land Based Crime Scene Investigator

The CSI Effect ~, Rules of Evidence, The Jury

9:30 AM Break
9:45 AM Case 071705013
Confidentiality Should HIPAA be included?

Documentation, Evidence, Chain of Custody and Professional Ethics

Photographic and Recorded Documentation – Technically focused and

devoid of artifact. part 1

12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Photographic and Recorded Documentation – part 2

1:30 PM Case 249106674
Precipitating Events ~ First Responders- Fire Dept. & EMS. Technology

at the Water’s Edge, Pre-Contamination and de-contamination protocols.

Biological Hazards and Blood Borne Pathogens

2:15 PM Break
2:30 PM Exothermic and Diver Life Support System Configuration
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM Case 198407432239
Why is evidence excluded?

4:00 PM Adjournment
Schedule and Course Content – Day 2

8:00 AM Registration Snacks and beverages throughout the day
8:30 AM Racial, Religious, Gender and Cultural Considerations
9:00 AM Case 13172384
Pharmacological ~ Ingested, Injected, Absorbed or Inhaled

10:15 AM Break
10:30 AM Case 97899325
Stages of Decomposition and Environmental Considerations Nysten’s

Law, Cadaveric Spasm; Rx ~~ Metronidazole

12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Case 4747199803
Containment of the Victim and Evidence, Variables in the body cooling

Rate, Medication and Post Mortem Wounding

2:00 PM Break
2:15 PM Surfacing the Victim
2:30 PM Case11061211UK
~The question of Sensual Deprivation

Critical Incident, PTSD and Suicide in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement must learn to inoculate personnel against PTSD

Long Term Side Effects associated with the CSI.

3:45 PM Open Forum
4:30 PM Award Certificates and Adjournment
ALL programs must be attended in their entirety in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Questions? Please contact us 828-380-9955 or


Disclosures to Participants:

The planners and presenter(s)/author(s) of this course have declared no real or perceived conflicts of interest that relate to this educational activity.
Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologists International guarantees the content of these educational activities are free from bias.
Accredited status does not imply endorsement by any commercial products displayed in conjunction with this activity.
No commercial support has influenced the planning of the educational objectives or the content of this activity.
There is no endorsement of any product by the provider or CSIDTI International, associated with this activity.
It is expected that no presentation will relate to products governed by the Food and Drug Administration. But, during the course of this activity, if there is discussion related to such products, FDA-approved and non-approved uses will be disclosed to participants.
CSIDT-I activities do not include any unannounced information about off-label use of a product for a purpose other than that for which is approved.
Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologists International is in no way, associated with any other diver training organizations or groups, either recreational or public safety.

Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologists International ©

Processing; Procedures; Protocols and Precautions.

Case Reviews: Technology at the Water’s Edge

New Bern Riverfront Convention Center

March 18th and 19th 2014~~ 203 South Front St., New Bern, NC  28563

REGISTRANT INFORMATION: Attendees must show a current Photo ID upon check-in.

FIRST NAME:__________________________________________________

LAST NAME:__________________________________________________

AGENCY or AFFILIATION:________________________________________________


CITY: STATE: ZIP: COUNTRY:_____________________________________________

PHONE: E-MAIL:_________________________________________________________

Name as it is to appear on Certificate:__________________________________________

REGISTRATION FEE: $235.00 PAYMENT OPTIONS: Check ____ PayPal____

Registration Ends: March 10th, 2014 *** W-9 Form available upon request

PayPal payments: Quick processing and immediate confirmation.

Log in to your PayPal account.
Click "Send Money."
and the amount
Select "Purchase" or "Personal," then Please indicate: CSIDT Conference.
Click "Continue."
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Mail U.S.P.S. Regular Mail: Make Checks Payable to: Mack S. House Jr. PO Box 519 Castlewood, Virginia, 24224

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