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Seminar on Hospice care for our animals coming to Denver

Ella & her dog Momo, her personal teacher about supporting natural death
Ella & her dog Momo, her personal teacher about supporting natural death
from Ella's website

It seems the day Eli died he brought me into the growing circle of awareness over the care we give our senior pets and also our dying ones. Before a complete year had passed I was preparing for the transition of our senior cat, which involved much more ‘hands on’ care. Now, the year marker of Eli's death is next month and I can’t believe I’ve witnessed a full years’ worth of changing seasons without his company.

During the past year I’ve had the pleasure of making some wonderful contacts with amazing people who are doing what I want to do: heal, assist & support the animals in our lives in all phases of life. Death is an undeniable part of life that deserves to be approached respectfully & with honor. I’m certain the trend of facing impending loss of a beloved pet with honor, respect & full support for the animals true needs is not particularly new-but it is gaining in popularity & acceptance.

I can’t recall the last time I received that slightly surprised look of confused disgust at my lack of control because my cat died. I’m not saying I never have been on the receiving end of such a look…but it’s been a long, long time. It’s such a relief to feel support during those emotional times and in turn the grief & sorrow are expressed healthily & provide the relief of healing.

Ella Bittel, founder of Spirits in Transition, understands the difference support during the transition of death can make: to our pets & ourselves. One of her visions is a world-wide network “where people caring for a dying animal can find support by those who share their passion for hospice care for our animal loved ones.” Like so many gifted people working in the Holistic animal care field, she received a lot of heart-felt experience through the natural dying process of one of her own beloved pets. Her own background  includes: veterinary acupuncture and chiropractic, cranio-sacral work, homeopathy, TTOUCH and energy medicine techniques adapted from Donna Eden, including work on the animals aura and chakras. This has lead to her creation of on-line workshops & weekend long seminars.

She is coming to Denver on June 4-6 and there is incentive pricing if you register before April 25th. According to her website there is also discount pricing available for those in the veterinary or hospice fields already.   For more information on the weekend workshop, please visit the "Events & Registration" section of her website.


  • cousin Diana 5 years ago

    Enduring the seasons passing by without the company of one you have shared many is a bitter sweet event I have found..remembering times shared as maybe the first snow and the creation of a snow angel ( horse style) or the spring breeze that stirs the playful side of us all in wanting to kick up our heels ( and maybe not as high as in our youth) but none the less the memories are now just that memories but good cherished and forever ours to have ...I still see Nomad flailing his head and running full speed in the delight of a spring morning..I hear his high pitched ( sometimes girly voice) as he called to me in the evenings..he is with me as if that when he passed so quietly he just became a part of me even greater then in the embedded in my heart part of my spirit part of me that makes me want to make a snow angel of my own..I so love my senior critters even now as Ebony is curled up on my lap ( her favorite place) I cherish each moment as much as she does ..

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