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Semi-permanent Lip-ink maker does ‘lip service’ on your mouth

Going to Oscar week swag suites is a great way to discover new beauty products. Yesterday while ‘swagging’ around the vast and booty-full Academy Awards gifting room at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel your LA Beauty Products Examiner came across Lip-ink for the first time.

Semi-permanent lipstick from Lip-Ink

The representative asked me to pick a color. I went for a very bright pink. Uncertain about the 3-Step Process, I carefully read directions and learned that for full effect you must towel off your lips, apply moisturizer and then the lipstick followed by more moisturizer. It looks great and is supposed to last until you use the Lip-Ink Towelette to remove it.

They didn’t have press materials but the web site states, “Because of the multi-patented technology LIP INK® Lip Stains gives you the ability to apply the lip moisturizer to the lips before the color, both hydrating and protecting them from sun damage. LIP INK products don't create a drying effect like the other super stay lipstick products on the market; and because you don't need a sealer, or lip gloss over the color to keep it certifiably smear proof, LIP INK Lip Stains have no texture and feel like you're not wearing any lipstick at all.”

As of this first-time use the jury’s out with me whether I like it or not, but let’s see how it weather’s tonight’s Oscar parties I will be attending.

The product costs $65.58 a http://Click here: Semi-permanent Lip-Link maker does ‘lip service’ on your mouth - Los Angeles Beauty Products | for a two-color sampler kit.

Have a few 'oops' with lipstick, then the attached video is especially for you.

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