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Selwyn Duke proposes dissolution of the U.S. over gay rights

Selwyn Duke

In a February 3rd, 2014 column for RenewAmerica, avowed conspiracy theorist Selwyn Duke proposes that the United States copy the dissolution of Yugoslavia and break up over gay rights.

"Are we damned to inexorable and irrevocable movement toward the 'left,' at least until the complete collapse of civilization is wrought?" he asks. "Well, there is an alternative to assimilation.


"There has been some talk of secession lately. But note that there is a prerequisite for political separation: cultural separation. Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Slovenia didn't become their own nations because they suddenly thought the name Yugoslavia was no longer cool, but because of profound cultural differences. And Catalans in Spain some time back empowered parties that have called for an independence referendum this year because of cultural differences. Make the cultural differences great enough, and separation (assuming you can avoid bondage via a governmental iron fist, which is the other possibility) is a natural by-product."

Given that this is the same website which originally gave us Larry Klayman, the man who lead a (hilariously unsuccessful) coup against the U.S. government in 2013, it should hardly be surprising that another RenewAmerica columnist is so eager to break the U.S. apart over what is, in the grand scheme of things, a triviality.

Duke further confirms what many leftists and centrists have known for years -- that Barack Obama is not deliberately trying to divide America -- by literally recommending that, before conservatives form their own policies and agendas, they wait and see what liberals want first so they can be as deliberately opposed as possible.

"It is with the others' laws, social codes, and traditions, too: they are born of an infidel, alien culture and are to be viewed with extreme suspicion if not hostility," he writes. "And this is precisely how leftists should be viewed.

"For this to work, our instincts must be thus: If liberals say left, we go right. If they say down, we say up. If they scream 'Change!' we shout all the louder 'Tradition!' and then push for our own change – tradition's restoration.

Duke even concludes by recommending an "Amish jihad", just in case the comparison between Muslim extremism and his own personal view of conservatism weren't disturbingly alike already.

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